My Investigation of “Belly Fat Free” By Josh Bezoni (A Critical Review)

Henry‘s Rating: 5.0 / 5.0


Getting down to the nitty gritty…

Belly Fat Free has been getting a lot of buzz lately in the weight loss world so this hound just had to sniff it out…and you won’t believe what I found out!

As it turns out, it’s a dieting system created by “Josh Bezoni” (more on him later) that supposedly uses several methods to help you lose a lot of weight really fast…but does it work?

Well…does it? The short answer is yes!

I really like this one. The stuff makes sense and it’s backed by real research & studies. Anyways, the Belly Fat Free program teaches some interesting fat-burning techniques that I’d never heard of before, but the research behind them actually speaks volumes.

For example, one technique called “The Thermal Burn” requires you to eat rather large amounts of certain foods that you wouldn’t think you could eat on a diet. These foods can actually increase your calorie-burning metabolism by up to 30%.

Another technique called “Calorie Confusion” tricks your body into continuously burning excess calories and unattractive belly fat 24/7, Without hitting a plateau or igniting a tidal wave of hunger and cravings in the process.

Digging deeper…

I could only find so much information online about “Belly Fat Free” so I went ahead and bought it to get a closer look. After spending a few weeks with it I was a little impressed to say the least. The majority of Josh’s system is centered around… drum roll please… eating! He even reveals 32 tasty foods that will actually help you burn body fat. Not bad if you ask me.

The big downfall I see with the program is the name. People don’t lose only belly fat…you really can’t spot reduce just one area…you will actually lose weight all over your entire body.

Anyway, I did a lot of research online on the methods he taught me and yes… surprisingly.. unlike many of the weight loss courses, dieting plans & supplements out there, this stuff really does work. It might even be the most easy to follow weight loss system I’ve come across to date. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary or count calories or anything like that.

The Best Part: Josh’s Video

I think one of the best parts about “Belly Fat Free” is Josh’s video. It’s completely free and contains loads of great information that you can use to start losing weight right away without even spending a dime. I would highly suggest you take a few minutes and watch this…

P.S. If you do try Josh’s program, please report back with your opinion of the product (positive or negative) and proof that you have used it (such as a receipt).

Click Here To Watch Josh’s Video Now!

Hound Tip: The FREE video on Josh’s site has better fat loss tips than most paid products I’ve seen..


  1. I like what hear on the video, but I cannot afford what you offer if it doesnt work. I am a single parent that work wto job just to make end meet. that the problem with the weight lost program is most people cannot afford, so Ill stay fat. Im at least 100 pd over weight and will stay that way, because Im to tired to workout. thank for listening.

    • I too was a single mom of 3, who was working more than one job. I gained most of the weight after my second car accident left me in a wheelchair. With the inability to exercise, the medications and the foods I was eating, I quickly gained almost 100lbs. After seeing a picture of myself taken on Easter 2004, I knew something had to change or I wouldn’t be around to care for my kids! After 2 years, I had gone from 246lbs. to 138lbs and have kept it off ever since! How did I do it? The old-fashioned way!!

      First I started a food diary. I logged EVERYTHING I ate including the time and my mood. Then after 1 month, I sat down and looked at the way I was eating. I took my food diary to my primary care doctor and asked what was the best way for me to change things.

      Then I took charge of my diet! I stop buying prepared foods and started making extra large batches of healthy foods and freezing the leftovers in smaller portions. I started using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate. I didn’t deprive myself of anything. If I wanted to have something sweet or “unhealthy” I had it! I just made sure that I had 1/2 a serving.

      I also started taking small steps toward getting up and moving! Instead of Parking in the handicap stop close to the store. I’d park as far away as I could, taking 2 spots at times, and walk if I could or wheel if necessary. After about 3 months I was able to walk more often than not. A big accomplishment for me as the doctors has said I’d probably be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I found the more I took little steps, then more steps I could take.

      Now, I’m able to keep up with my kids and grand-kids. I feel so much better about myself and life in general.

      I know it’s not easy but if by keeping my eye on the ultimate prize, I was able to completely change the course of my life! If I can do it anyone can.

      It’s not about willpower, it’s about won’t power. I won’t continue to be a slave to food. I won’t allow my life to be less than I deserve! I won’t abuse myself anymore! I deserve the best and so do the people I love! The best for them is the best I can be!

      • This is very inspiring. I am just coming out of a 5-year mourning period (from the death of my mother) and without realizing, I am where you described yourself to 100 lbs. heavier. Recently I’ve tried a few of the techniques you described, and found myself progressing, but now I am inspired to try all your techniques; pinpointing the emotions behind the eating, by logging everything I eat, and my mood. I don’t crave sweets, but can use the same technique for the salty foods I crave–eating only half. Thank you, Billi!

      • @ Billi, Great job, you are an inspiration to anyone who finds it difficult to start a program towards healthy living. I love the willpower won’t power comment. I intend to use it with any of my patients who express difficulty starting a healthy living regimen. I have directed many ppl to this wonderful blog, & your comment.

        @Henry, you are providing a much needed public service. I congratulate you on your dedication to people & to the world community at large. As a health care rofessional, I too have learned much valuable information from all your hard research. You are a superior human being , and I thank you for serving all of us so well. God bless and keep you , and may all your endeavors be prosperous.

      • Billie, how wonderful! Please continue to inspire and repeat your story! I don’t know what made me click on yours, but it must be fate.

  2. Henry, just wanted to say thanks for the write up! I learned a lot from Josh’s video and parts of it were just astonishing!!!! Kepp up the good work!

  3. I’m a former aerobis instructor and it takes exercise and a healthy diet to maintain a good and healthy body. I’m none of those things now. I’m 35 lbs over weight and can’t seem get motivated anymore. I’m also a recovering alcoholic with a back disease and suffer w/depression. I know if I could lose about 10 lbs. it would motivate me to get on the health wagon again, but can’t seem to get through a day of healthy eating. I’ve tried Sensa and it’s a joke!!! It doesn’t work! Before I got the “Free Sample” they took 89.95 out of my account. Then it took hours to get them to credit it back to my acct. The rep. actually hung up on me after I refused to accept the sample at half price!!!! It’s a total scam. I’d easily pay the 89.95 to tell people about this rip-off. There just isn’t anything that takes the place of exercise and diet. These companies are out for your money. We as consumers are looking for a quick fix and there just aren’t any. I like this website from what I’ve read and will continue to follow the info here. Thanks!

  4. I have been very ashamed of the way I look for some time. I ended up going through a “medically supervised” program that has cost me $200.00 every three months since May 2011. I have lost approximately 35 lbs. I signed up at a gym to exercise and between working long hours and being completely exhausted at the end of the day when I get home the gym has been a complete waste of hard earned money. I do admit that the medically supervised program did get me below the 300 lb mark which I was so thrilled about I can’t keep up the daily taking of pills and the constant forcing myself to drink so much water. I downloaded your information after reading about Sensa. Hats off to my sis Deb for doing some snooping herself to send me your info on Sensa. I feel like there really is someone out there that cares for others, without knowing them. Hats to you HENRY!!!! Thank you!

  5. I watched the video and was impressed by Josh’s theory, which is rather new and seems to be backed up by serious researches and studies. I’m just eager to know the 32 food that can burn our body fat, as although he reads the excerpt of the book in the video, he does not specify what the fat burning food is, such as the good fat that can burn same amount of belly fat. Thank you so much Henry for this meaningful website and all the work you’ve done!


  7. Love your blog. I have used Sensa for about 3 weeks now. Recently, I started to develop a sore throat and what appeared to be cold sores along my lip area. I have never had this before, so believe it came from the use of Sensa. Stopped using Sensa about 3 days ago and my lips are clearing up slowly with use of Carmex and (believe it)
    calamine lotion applied with mouth kept closed. These really hurt badly. I found on one of medical sites that Sensa used silica which I believe comes from clay or at least some earth sediment. I must be allergic to it. This is just a word to the wise, be careful. Mine is going back to the company. Heard one can have problems trying to get money back, so I pray I don’t run into any problems or have money extracted from my form of payment.

  8. Do you know anything about RealDose? I wanted to lose just 5 pounds and I workout a lot. I’m 54 and in good shape but had a few pounds from menopause. I tried no sweets for a month with no results, Sensa for a month, nothing. I tried RealDose but I also moved and it was a lot of work. I also met someone at the same time and he’s athletic and eats really well. So, I lost the weight and I’ve kept if off but RealDose is $67 per month and I can’t tell if it’s love or RealDose that’s caused the weight loss.

    • I got on RealDose about 3 months ago and also got results where nothing else had worked, now down over 17 pounds. So I think the stuff really works. It is expensive I went ahead and did the $50 a month auto ship program which is saving me some money. Anyway, so far so good

    • Anthony, P90X is a good system for losing weight and it really does work great.

      The main drawbacks are:

      1) The high price (it’s over $100 but I’d say its worth that price)
      2) (and this is the biggest drawback) P90X takes a lot of dedication to follow through with. The workouts are VERY demanding. 1 hour high intensity workouts every day.

      If you think you can handle that, go for it! The bottom line – P90X is one of the best ways to lose weight and get into great shape – IF you can handle it. 🙂

      • I totally agree with the P90X being a great weightloss program and getting in shape as well. I did find that my joints started to bother me from doing some of the exercises so I had to cut back the amount of reps I was doing. It definately takes a lot of dedication but it does work!

      • Yes, P90X really does work, and yes, the workouts are very demanding, not to mention time consuming. Tony Horton does, however, have a new program out; Ten Minute Trainer, I think. I ordered it, it’s in the mail. I believe it will be exactly the ticket for me, to get used to moving in smaller increments. I believe Tony Horton is an incredible trainer and gets results!

      • 10 Minute Trainer is actually a much older program, that came way before P90X. It is a GREAT way to start into fitness, easing your way in. It is fun and is definitely a great place to start. Good luck with it!

      • Where can I find/order the 10 MInute Trainer? I also have joint pain and have just started “seriously” walking and trying to lose weight “AGAIN!”

    • I’ve used P90x with good success. all workout programs have a diet program to follow to get the results they claim. i’m not good at following diet programs but just watch what and how much i eat. i also have another workout program that is more cardio and no equipment needed called Insanity. this is a good workout also that will have you sweating. it is also from that make p90x and several other workout programs. good luck and do your best and forget the rest, as Tony would say.

  9. Save your money I have tried Sensa and used it for one month. I have not lost even a pound. Its depressing!!! I wonder ifhte peoope at GNC get a commission for selling it because hte ysold it to me hard…hook line and Tastants! Henry do these companies like GNC make commission for sensa in hte store?

    • Multipletasker — I don’t know about GNC. I also bought Sensa from an ad on television. The ONLY thing I liked were the vitamin packs. 🙂

  10. I have tried everything..I even walk, I eat well. Can’t lose a pound. I lose five and gain right back.someone suggested hcg..any comments

    • HCG does not work – yes you will loose weight but you are VERY restricted to a 500 cal diet which it not good for your body and as soon as you go back to eating you will gain it back. Also, if you research the HCG can cause problems with your ovaries.

      • You may have gained all of your weight back probably because you didnt follow the plan afterwards with limiting carbs and slowly reintroducing other foods.

      • That in itself is the whole problem. You will never be able to stick with something that is so restrictive. You need to change your eating habits, but still be able to splurge every now and again. I completely agree with Donna!

  11. This is my first time onthis site. I found it by googling nopalea due to an infomercial. I’m thankful for the info you provide re: this product. I suffer from arthritis in my hips and shoulders and have had 3 surgeries to clean and repair the damage but still suffer daily from extreme pain. I have an auto-immune disorder which prevents me from taking anti inflammatories. As far as weight loss, I suggest everyone watch the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. I watched this and then juiced only for 21 days and lost 27 pounds and felt so much better. I’ve added fresh fruits and veggies and fish and chicken and have maintained my weight.

  12. I am so glad i came across this site…anyone have any thoughts on hypnosis for weight loss? I bought a book with a cd…i forget by who…still need to do it.

    • Diana, I have struggled with weight loss for many years and have tried everything from prescription pills to hypnosis. Hypnosis will only work if you are open to it. I am very strong willed and was not able to “go under”. I tried CD’s at home and going to a Hypnotist neither worked for me. Never hurts to try just costs money.

      • Diana, I tried hypnosis (and oh-so-many other diets over the years). As Donna said, you have to be open to it. It did work for me; the weight came off; and I stopped the maintenance and put it all back on again. It is all a matter of behavior modification and as Nathaniel said, you ultimately have to take in fewer calories than you burn. If you decide to do hypnosis, make sure that you are working with someone who not only sees you weekly (for a set number of weeks), but also provides CDs for home use.

      • Thank u so much to you both! I wish we were all close by each other to do group walks! (I am in kissimmee Florida ))

  13. I am 100 pounds overweight, almost 52 years old, and having a horrible time getting motivated to lose the weight. I know what I should and should not eat but find myself ignoring it. I eat when I am bored and emotional. I have very bad knees and am trying to walk but it seems to be a vicious circle. The excess weight is affecting my back, knees and feet but if it also makes it hard to walk how do I lose the weight? I have heard of bariatric surgery but it frightens me. I did do the Metabolic Research diet back in 2000 and 2004, did lose the weight I wanted to, but it cost too much to keep with it and now I have gained the weight back and more. How do I get motivated to lose the weight? I am losing muscle strength like crazy and I used to be very athletic. It is pathetic. Any inspirational comments for me? Thank you for listening. I do not want to end up with a coronary or diabetes.

    • I feel your pain. You see, I’m 52 & 100 lbs. overweight. I have a very hard time with my back, knees, & feet. Same viscious cycle. I want to go to the gym, but dont seem to have the motivation to go. Plus, am limited as to what I can do there.

    • Val, from what I have heard and experienced, it’s a matter of what you eat. You can have all the surgeries you want and exercise until you die, but you can’t lose weight if you don’t discipline yourself to eat right. I’m 18 and have lost 70 pounds over a period of six months by counting calories. I exercise often, but when I over eat and still run 15 miles a week, I don’t lose anything.

      Try a calorie counting program such as “MyFitnessPal” to count the calories you eat. All you have to do is log your food entries. You MUST discipline yourself to not splurge and eat what ever you want. You can also get friends that will help and encourage you through the battle. You can lose weight and still eat junk food, if you eat less calories than you burn each day. Your body will tell you to eat vegetables and fruits more anyway because they fill you up with less calories, and give you many vital nuetrients.

      The first few days are the hardest, because your stomach is going to take time to shrink because it is getting less food.

      I’m not a professional, but this is what I would suggest. I hope it helps!

      • Nathaniel thanks for your input. I’m 52 and need to lose 70 fat lbs. When I was 18 it was much easier to lose weight. Plus males lose fat faster than females due to the muscle-to-body ratio being higher; muscle burns more fat.

        There are lots of circumstances that happen between ages 18 and 52. I got really sick and stressed. Layoffs. Having to move across the country 2x in one year for work. Medications for stress. Environmental toxins. Mean people. Divorce. Remarriage. Ad al, ad infinitum, ad nauseum!! 😉

        I counted calories and exercised. I saw my doctor. I joined Bob Greene. (I did NutriSystem in the early 90’s, lost all the weight I wanted to lose, and as soon as I was in the maintenance phase, it started coming back on.) I did Atkins in my forties, lost weight but then even while I continued Atkins, my body had enough of it and started gaining back the weight, even with no carbs, calorie counting added, and exercise.

        I joined SparkPeople (still have that membership because it’s free.) It’s helpful in calorie counting and logging exercise, which I still do.

        It took me seven months to lose 20 pounds, and that, with 3 plateaus. I was sick FOUR TIMES in those seven months because the exercise only added to my body’s stress and lowered my immune system. I could go into more details – food allergies – adrenal fatigue – hypothyroidism – etc –

        What sounds logical and like it should work, doesn’t always work. What I do now is eat very healthy, count calories and carbs and fats and other nutrients, exercise daily with a combination of aerobic, anaerobic, and basically Peak 8 (as outlined on mercola dot com).

        I will continue to forge ahead until I find out what works for me.

        The morale of this story:

        THERE IS NO “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” solution for fat loss.

        Hang in there, you all!

    • Hi Val (and I hope Barbie reads this) frist off I can’t believe am on a site where there are women my age with the same amount of weight to lose as me. I will be 52 in September and need to lose 100lbs also. I weigh more now than I did 25 years ago when I gave birth to a set of twins. I lost that weight in less than 3 months. Anyway I’ve been over weight now for a good 5 years and I hate it and me sometimes. I don’t go any where and I don’t want to be seen! When am forced to go out I so look so bad that if anyone I know sees me they never approach me they just give me that look that says “you look fimiliar but you CAN’T be the person I thought you where.” LOL Anyway I’ve tried a ton of things in the past like am sure you have without much success. THIS week I started this diet from a book called “Fat Flush Plan” by Ann Louise Gittleman. I’ve been on it less than a week and I’ve already started losing weight. Am not doing every single thing (but pretty close) and it is working. Go to library and see if they have the book before buying it, that’s what I did and give it a try. Am in the same boat am 5″2 and 100lbs over weight! Trust me everything hurts! My back, my feet, my knees. Hell it hurts trying to come my hair because my arms are so huge! But here’s the thing……whether I sit home eating while watching tv, talking on the phone, or on the internet looking at clothes I can longer wear am still in pain. I mine as well suck it up and be in pain while I try to do something about this weight! And Ladies, that is what I’ve choosen do, pain and all. I start out with a prayer (and I’ve never prayed for help with my weight problem) each day I do now. I go to the gym every other day and the days am not at the gym I walk. Not real fast but the point is am moving. I’ll get to real fast later, right now am just on the moving part. One painful fat footed step at a time, one day at a time with God’s help! Hang in there if not this diet something. Keep trying until you find what works for you. But you have to be willing to do some work. There is no magic pill out there. Believe me I have spent enough money on stuff to have paid for 2 surgeries! LOL Be Blessed

    • Hi Val, I’m in my 50’s too. I am overweight (about 20 lbs). YOU MUST START TO MOVE. Even if you walk around the block. You must move. I’ve never struggled with my weight because I’ve ALWAYS moved. Please, you life depends on it.

      • Hi Val,
        I am 58 years old about 20 lbs. overweight. I tried Atkins and I lost 25 lbs. but it is so true that once you come off it and you don’t watch your carb intake, you will put it right back on and more so!!! I’ve tried it twice in the last 7 years, lost the weight and put it right back on. Atkins is a LIFETIME commitment and I am not ready to commit myself to this for the rest of my life.

        The very best diet is the one I am on now, recommended by a nutritionist and it is simply this: monitor your calorie intake and portion control. I never thought I could do this (too much bother?) but in reality after about a week or so, it becomes second nature.

        You have to first determine how many calories you have to consume daily. There are several on-line sites and you just enter your height, age, and some may ask for bone structure (small-boned, large-boned, etc.) I am 5’1 and my daily intake is 1361 calories. I eat several small meals a day – to keep the “engine” running. I eat practically anything I want, keeping in mind to eat some fruit and vegetables. For a nightly treat, I have a Weight Watchers ice cream (some only 100 calories and are they delicious!)

        I have a long commute to my job and time is short. So I try to fit in some exercise whenever I can, e.g., take the stairs instead of elevator, take a good walk during my lunch hour, do some muscle exercises while sitting at my desk, etc.

        You will lose on the average of 1-2 lbs a week. It seems so little but think that within one month you can lose 8-10 lbs!! This method is guaranteed, safe, and WILL NOT COST YOU MONEY ON GIMMICKS!!!

        I have lost so far 15 lbs. since the end of February and I feel great!!

        So, Val, and others reading this, please do not be discouraged. Just take one day at a time — do not think about tomorrow and before you know it you start losing weight and more importantly, will start feeling healthier!!
        Good luck to all!!

    • Val, you sound like me. I’m 53 and was 100 lbs. overweight (now I’m 85 over). I have super bad knees (no meniscus left on either of them), so even walking can be painful. To make it even harder, I’m allergic to dairy, eggs, and red meat, so I can’t do most of the weight-loss programs (like Jenny Craig) because of it. What has helped is to plan a week’s worth of meals and measuring out meats into single portions before putting it in the freezer. I’ve also stopped eating most starchy carbs (though I will have an occasional serving of brown rice). I’m also diabetic, so I have to eat first thing in the morning. I’m not a breakfast person and will my allergies, it was hard. But now I drink a vegan protein shake which keeps my blood sugar on track and holds me until lunch. Do I want to lose faster? Of course…but it’s not healthy and I have to be patient. Oh, and don’t think of it as dieting…change your eating habits to something that you can continue. Otherwise, you just gain it back after you stop with that routine. What I mean by this, is don’t eat fried foods, packaged foods (high in salt and other unhealthy stuff), eat organic as much as possible, really cut down on the carbs and if you do eat carbs, be sure to eat protein with it, skip the cheeses (yes, I miss them), and eat more leafy vegetables and smaller portions of meat. It also helps if you log everything you eat.

    • Don’t try to walk. Go buy yourself a bicycle instead. I am almost 130 pounds over weight myself, and due to arthritis I cannot walk more than few minutes without being in agonizing pain, I also work third shift which means my days are slept sleeping instead of being up and around doing things. I bought a bike last year, and I can go for 20+ miles at a time without too much discomfort. The bike I bought is called a Townie, it is made with the pedals pushed forward so that you are always sitting straight up while you ride (something you can appreciate with a bad back I am sure). Make sure you get a large seat and a seat cushion for it and you should be ok. I was losing 4-6 pounds a month last summer, not alot, but losing it slow is better than losing it all at once anyway. Ride in the morning or early evening after the temp drops and drink lots of water while you are out.

    • I have a friend who started a diet where she eats 300 calories every 3 hrs. She eats whatever she wants as long as it falls under 300 calories and she has lost 50 lbs so far and has never felt like she was dieting. It works!

  14. Henry,

    I am 26 and have been overweight a majority of my life. My weight is always going up and down I will loose it and then 8 months later its back on. I am a single mom, work 2 jobs and go to school full time. I just don’t have a lot of time to cook meals, and I hate cooking 🙁 I have tried lots of different things but its like once I do loose the weight my body freaks out. If I go out to eat or anything like that my body startes craving that kind of food again and I cant stop. It really is an addiction. I am a very emotional night eater. Any suggestions?

    • I tried Sensa, months 1-4. It does a great job at suppressing your appetite but I didn’t lose any weight. I am 69 and take hormone meds and other meds that are prone to weight gain, it’s a losing battle. Plus I work out 3-4 times a week.

    • The Adkins Diet works.. I lost 35 pounds in about 4 months. The only down side is that if you come off of it, you will gain the weight back. It will be slow but it will come back. I lost site of the diet when I went on vacation and I am now having the hardest time trying to get back on track. After 3 or 4 days on the diet, you feel very tired. Carbs are where your energy come from. Once you get past that which is about a week or so, you feel great. I have been off of the diet for almost a year and have gained 10 pounds back. You just have to watch how you do things when you come off of this diet or you will put the weight back on.

      • Please realize that with such restrictions on carbs your body goes into a ketosis like stage and eats away at the muscle – not only fat. Everyone I have talked to who has done the Atkins, or like diets, have said they also lost muscle mass – even in their buns, their arms, and their guts. We are not built to be carnovores anyway….but cutting out carbs and eating so much meat is a recipe for health problems and loss of muscle mass!

      • My brother-in-law did the Atkins diet about 10 years ago. Lost a ton of weight but after going off the diet he gained all the weight back plus some additional pounds. About four years ago he went on the South Beach diet and lost all the weight he had put back on. To this day he has kept every pound off and does not consider himself on a diet anymore. He has used the basics of the South Beach Diet to create his eating lifestyle. It worked so well for him that 3 more of my family members also tried the SBD and have done great with it as well.

      • I lost 40 pounds on Atkins about 12 years ago. If you follow it like you are supposed to, you eat GOOD carbs (lots of veggies). Don’t do it without reading the book, or you will eat way too much fat. I was never short of energy! I did not crave bread, potatoes, etc. However, I did not stay on the maintenance and have gained 15 lbs in the past couple of years. I am going to go back on it and get back where I was in 2000.

      • I agree with Prof. IF you follow Atkins all the way through, you do lose weight without increasing cholesterol or triglycerides, and without losing muscle. It is supposed to be a way of eating for life, not just a short-term diet, and that us whiere people run into problems. I love Atkins, but my downfall is in meal planning; when life gets too hectic; I slip back into the fast food/frozen food cycle. I need to get that weakness figured out, because no way of eating will be successful in the long term until I do!

  15. ok just tried to order this and could not. the problem was not on my end it was the ordering site. was very interested n trying this but………….:(

    • Yes…awesome product! Gives you energy (I take it at lunch…so I have energy to get through the rest of my day with 3 children) and it greatly reduces inflammation. I’ve suffered lower back issues ever since having my kids. I used to be a Chiropractor junkie…went 1-2 times per week. Now I only go for a “tune-up” when I feel like going. I love Omega XL!!!

  16. has anybody heard of the Fat Burning Furnace? I was looking up belly free (Josh Bezini) and came across this. Please advice me…

  17. Henry, I found my way here by looking up Sensa again. Thanks for this valuable website! I went to GNC the other day for the first time to look at the product after seeing problems people had with buying online. My first impression was it was quite expensive. $71.99, and you have to buy it every few weeks. The employee at GNC recommended OxyElitePro. I took one each day for two days. This is dreadful stuff! I was SO thirsty and no amount of water took the dry feeling from my mouth. I was spacey and speedy all day.My heart raced. It made me hotter, as it works as a thermogenic. I already have issues with being too hot due to an early on full hysterectomy. I really don’t want to be hotter!! It did suppress my hunger. But no thanks, not worth those side effects to me. I will be reading your report and info provided here to find a solution. Thanks again,Keep Smiling.=)

  18. This kind of sounds like Dr Mike Moreno’s “17 day diet”, you change the food everyday increasing and decreasing in 4 different cycles, and he called it body confusion. It does work with discipline and 17 min a day of cardio. First cycle you do only lean meat, cleansing veggies, low sugared fruit (twice a day before 2pm) and 2 servings of a probiotic like yogart or kefir. I have lost 9 lbs in one week, but my problem is I’m a carb junkie so I end up gaining it back and starting all over. Has anybody tried this diet?

  19. I don’t want to do the bariatirc surgery. Yes I know someone who did go through the surgery and lost 100 lbs, but she has to take certain meds now, can’t never eat rice and needed surgery to take care of the extra skin. I don’t have that kind of money. Last but not least, she is a good ten years younger than me and now look older than me. Yes I will try to lose some weight, but not that way.

    • I had the bariatric surgery several years ago. I never needed to take “special” medications and the only dietary restriction was the doctor telling me to not eat junk (duh!). I take multi-vitamin supplement daily, just like before the surgery. (I take Liquid Life. It is less expensive and more effective than pills.)

      Very Low Calorie (VLC) diets are very effectives, such as Medifast. You eat a shake every two hours, 100 calories each. Your dietary intake is 800 a day. You should only be on a VLC diet for a few weeks. I went on the VLC diet under a doctor’s supervision after gaining a few pounds (I’m a stress eater.) I lost the weight and the cravings went away as I became healthy.

      • Thank you, I needed to hear that! I am considering the bariatric sleeve weight loss surgery. They told me to loss about ten pounds before it which is impossible for me because I am an emotional eater. I will try to do some liquid smoothies. I know that I will achieve this craving addiction. I will still consider and work hard toward losing this weight. I have tried all diet pills and am tired of giving my money away.

  20. I’m also 52 and about 60 lbs over. 5’5″ 185lbs. Been like this for about 10 years. Sometimes I’m mad at society for making me feel like lower class citizen because “obviously a smart and intelligent person wouldn’t allow herself to look this way”. Then I get mad at myself because I agree. Why did I let myself get this way? Menopause surely didn’t help either. Neither does being with someone who does not understand weight gain and is emotionally unavailable. I have the book “Fat Flush Diet”. Its pretty interesting. Another book to read is by Doug Kauffman called “The Fungus Link”. It not so much weight loss as just interesting reading regarding big Pharma etc. I’ve lost a few on Jenny Craig in past but its just too slow and expensive. Nutrisystems$%^&….I sent it back. Tastes horrible. All dehydrated. I’m going to try Medifast combined with good old fashioned sensibility. Also, I had thyroiditis due to biops. on nodule a while back and was losing about a pound a day. Lost about 22lbs. then went completely opposite direction. Why can’t they prescribe levo for weight lost. Can it really be any worse than strain on our hearts from being overweight? Obviously my body wanted to lose the weight.

  21. i’am over weight and i really would like to find something that really works. i work 6 days a week and walk every night but nothing working. went to the doctor and they say nothing wrong..i gain about 30-50 in one year. please help me !!! everything cost so much, r they just making people thinking there stuff works and taking there money ???……thanks vickie

  22. Health Hound, I was so impressed with the diet plan shown with sample menus that I tried it right away.I’m going to send off for the whole book to be able to have more choices and information. Thanks for caring. enough to provide this information so I can lose the weight and have a more healthy life. Jeana K.Jones


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