76 Super Healthy Nutrients In ONE Health Drink ― My Investigation of Athletic Greens

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athletic greensIf you want to lose weight, one thing you should eat a lot of is green vegetables. BUT getting enough greens is a hard thing to do. Not to mention the fact that green vegetables aren’t the tastiest food on the planet.

That’s why I searched for green replacement supplements recently. I wasn’t sure that such a thing actually existed… until I came across something that looked pretty dang incredible. It’s a green supplement called Athletic Greens.

Of course, I had to get my paws ready to do some deep digging. And here is what I found…

What the heck are Athletic Greens?…

Athletic Greens is a once-a-day green supplement made in New Zealand. It was formulated by research doctorates and nutritionists and claims to naturally cover all your nutritional bases. Actually, they claim it offers more good stuff than any other greens or multi-vitamin formula on the market.

Another thing that caught my eye is the program’s supporters: Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Body a New York Times bestseller on weight loss AND Isabel De Los Rios author of The Diet Solution program (which I gave a positive review to recently).

But wait one sec just what IS a “green supplement”?

It’s a way of getting as many of the healthy nutrients you would normally get from green vegetables and other super foods  from ONE source. Easy and convenient. See why I’ve been trying to find something like this for a while now?

Is it bogus, legit or somewhere in between?

One of the main points of Athletic Greens is this: What matters is not just what you eat, but what nutrients you ABSORB. And Athletic Greens has probiotics that work to improve this absorption.

Checking this point on WebMD turned up enough info to confirm that this IS true. No matter how much good stuff you eat, your body has to absorb it otherwise it does nothing for you.

And about probiotics which promote healthy bacteria I found this on WebMD…

Yogurt. Although yogurt isn’t necessarily a high-fiber food on its own, it’s generally good for digestive health. “Yogurt contains probiotics, healthy bacteria that are good for the gut,” says Beth Pinkos, MS, RD, LDN

Yes, I know… we’re not talking about yogurt here but the point is that probiotics is good for the gut. And if it’s good for the gut it IS good for digestion.

Plus, I found an article that mentioned that probiotics “seem to have few side effects”. So they ARE safe.

Looking good…

Also claimed is that it’s packed with 76 natural ingredients. This is something they really can’t make up. Legally they have to put all ingredients in the supplement. So I do trust them to do this.

But I was surprised at the long and detailed list of everything that’s in this stuff. Take a look for yourself:

athletic greens nutritional infoSee all 76 ingredients.

After I checked the science, I searched ripoffreport.com for “athletic greens” and found ZERO results. This is really really good. Nice to know the company has no angry or disappointed customers out there.

The pros and cons of Athletic Greens



Backed by science according to my research.

Backed by fitness gurus like Isabel De Los Rios and Tim Ferris.

Isn’t a pill but instead it’s a drink. And it DOES taste pretty good.

60 day money-back guarantee available (and by all accounts they do keep their word on this).

Good company reputation.

I didn’t know about it sooner (BAD Henry, BAD).The bottle COULD be a little easier to open. I mean sheesh! When I first got mine I had to work on it for like five minutes.

So what’s this Hound’s final answer?

green drinkI like this stuff. I really do.

Getting ALL the most important nutrients AND the stuff to help you absorb those nutrients in one neat little package , what’s not to like? Again, legally they gotta put this stuff in there. All 76 nutrients.

And YES, I give Athletic Greens a perfect five out five stars. I think it’s one of those things everyone should use. Kind of like drinking enough clean water. It’s that important. A good way they describe it is a “greens insurance policy.” In other words, take it, and you’ll KNOW you have all the nutrients your body needs.

Sounds good to me!

Click here to learn even more about “Athletic Greens”



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