Is Acai Really a Magic Berry for Weight Loss??

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You can’t surf the net without seeing something about acai berry and weight loss. Hundreds of acai berry supplements aimed at weight loss seekers hit the market after the popularity exploded a few years ago. Hey… even the big wigs like Dr. Oz were sort of backing the acai berry…but for what?

What’s the deal? Does it work? Is this purple fruit THE weight loss miracle of this century?

With all the scams associated with this miracle in a bottle, I had to sniff it out…

Acai Berry for Weight Loss or Financial Loss! You Decide!

The Claim

The Real Deal

Acai Berry helps you lose weight. Nada. There are no studies that support this theory.
“I took an acai supplement and I lost weight.” No you didn’t. You took a supplement that had acai berry in it and loads of other stuff like stimulants, laxative or diuretics… and that’s why you lost weight (but it will come back, so be prepared).
Free trial offer… just pay shipping. Here’s the scary scam part… Aside from selling you something that may or may not work… and lying to you about HOW it works, some Acai berry companies were falsely advertising a free trial offer to actually rope you into an auto-ship program. Look out!
Acai Berry has strong antioxidant powers.

TRUE! So true! Not all is lost with this purple Amazonian berry! Read below to find out what it actually CAN do for you…


Would you trade weight loss for anti-aging?

That would really stink if a genie popped out of a bottle and said “would you like to stay overweight and look younger or lose weight and continue to show signs of aging.” Crap! Decisions… decisions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose. Acai berry may not directly help you lose weight (and please, watch out for the scammers out there!!), but it does have some very strong antioxidant capabilities, meaning you can fight free radical damage and slow the signs of aging (as well as prevent disease).

But again, NOT all on its own! I don’t care what sort of miracle supplement you pop in your mouth if you don’t do all the other stuff you need to do for optimum health and weight loss!

And unlike the acai berry scammers out there… I actually do have something 100% FREE (that’s right… I don’t ask for your credit card… nothin’!)

It May Not Be A Miracle Fruit From the Amazon (never been there… sorry!) But it is something REAL (and free) that actually works…

If you really want to find better health, prevent aging and lose weight, you don’t need an expensive supplement. No supplement in the world can counteract an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle or stress!

I have a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight and find better health. Your choice… take your chances with the acai scammers for something not even proven to help you lose weight…. Or…?? (cue to click below!)

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. I was one of those people that got roped in. I had ordered the product on line and had been waiting for it. They charged me the $2.95 for shipping on my credit card, but two weeks had gone by and I had not yet recieved my pills. I called them on the number listed on my order form and they told me that it had been mailed a week after my order so I waited another two weeks. Just today I called them again and now they are telling me that me order was cancelled because they couldn’t pr-authorize my credit card to pay for the pills that were suppose to be free. I was carefull when ordering the product because you can’t be to trustworthy these days so I only allowed the $2.95 to be processed, thank god. When I asked why they were trying to charge my credit card again they told me I had 10 days from the date ordered to sample them then they would charge me the full amount if satisfied. The funny thing is it took them a week to send them as they told me, but it wa a lie, they were never ever mailed. So to sum it all up they pulled a fast one on me, but only got my $2.95, but if they did this to hundreds of other people add $2.95 X hundreds of people, thats alot of money.
    Thanks for listening

    • Just as other people said i was ripped off Acai berry scam (diet Max) all i authorized for them to charge was $2.95 for Shiping and handling suppose to be free trial. they never sent free bottle and charged my card $89.95. I called like 100 times customer service then they would transfer me and hang up on me. They spoke very little english. They told me I never canceled after i got my free sample. They are rippoffs as i said i never got free sample still charged me. I canceled my credit card as fast as I could. What a pain having to call all places I have my bills on auto pay. Why isn’t there a government agency that will go after these people. I know I will never get a dime back. Its getting so bad in todays society with scams on every corner and every website

      • How Stupid I was. I just clicked the trial page and paid $2.95. Then onlu I do research on it and found this page! Im afraid if they are going to take more money than they are supposed to. I dont mind losing the $2.95. But how can I make sure that they are not going to take more money from my account?? please help. what are you guys saying about the $150??

  2. I ordered the FREE bottle,from a just paid the shipping, BUT GUESS WHAT ?
    I was charged another $89.83 without my permission, I am reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and all other associations that should know about it. I am placing the story on Facebook, in my blog and Twitter. I am also going after the company Diet Max, if their weight loss claims are false, thats one thing, but stealing money under false pretense is criminal.

  3. Wanna Say this Acai Berry is a scam I paid the 2.95 shipping and than two days later checked my Bank account and they pulled 150.00 from my account now I have to figure out how to stop this and get my money BACK!!! This is a SCAM!!

  4. Yes, it is a SCAM. I’m so mad that I was stupid enough to fall into their trap. It just happened to me last week (Nov. 12, 2010). I clicked on the link offering a free trial for a one month supply of the “Acai Maxi Cleanse” and I only have to pay the S&H of $2.95. After a “trial” period of 10 days, you can cancel any more shipment and you keep the free bottle. Well, they didn’t ship the free bottle and the 10 days start from when you place the order. The S&H is non-refundable and I didn’t even get any product. I cancelled my credit card straight away so they can’t bill me for additional shipment but they refuse to ship me my free trial bottle. The Customer Service Rep I spoke to even went to say that the “Trial” period is for me to decide whether I want to have a 2-month membership. Well, I can make up my mind regarding even without paying them shipping and giving them my information. Please BEWARE EVERYONE! I’m still boiling because of this incident. It’s a good thing they only got $2.95 off me.. but it’s still FRAUD!

    • My story is the same one. I ordered a free trial bottle of Acai Maxi Cleanse on Nov. 5th. My credit card was charged $2.95. I have yet to receive my free trial bottle. I have called several times to complain about it which I was told by a customer service representative, who barley speaks english, that my product was shipped and should be received in a few days. I’m not sure where this product was shipped from but I haven’t received. Today I was kept on hold for one hour and still didn’t speak to anyone. Maybe a claim submitted to the Better Business Bureau might be inorder!

      • I am another person who got took but I am really dumb because I didn’t print anything off so I don’t have any info other than what has showed up on my statedment which as of date is only 2.95. I tried calling the number but it said the hours were only 9-6 but it didn’t specify time zone. the number on my bill is 877-292-3588. Does anybody else out there have any info that is linked to that number and can help me. I am desperate.

  5. I ordered this also. I printed five pages when I ordered it and I had 15 days to cancel my order. I ordred it on November 5 and they charged me on November 12 for another month. I called them and cancelled my order on November 17,2010. They said I would get a refund in 10-15 days. I also filed a dispute with my credit card company. I will wait till the end of this week to see if I have a credit from them, if not I will again talk to my credit card company. I finally received my trial offer on November 23,2010.

  6. I work hard for my money and I was going to order this product, but after reading all the stories about how this company/organization is ripping innocent people off of their hard earned cash, just forget about. I’ll just stick to my excersicing.

  7. I feel so stupid! Why didn’t I google this before I bought it. Ordered November 22, wrote down that I’d have to cancel by Dec. 4th, which I did. Didn’t receive the product until Dec. 8th. Shipping it back tomorrow after printing and copying everything. Will file complaint with BBB.

  8. How good is the Herbalife products for weight lose. I would like to know before I purchase any of their products. Would appreciate your help Henry. Thanks

    • I’ve used Herbalife before and it worked. I lost 30lbs in 5 weeks. But here comes the problem. It’s addictive. If you stop using it for one day you will gain weight. It happened to me. I stopped using it and gain 4lbs in 2 days. Without me eating nothing drastic, cereal, fruits and salads. A few months after I gained double of what I had lost.

  9. I am shocked at the WeeklyHealthNews is shamelessly promoting this product, and appears to be promoting a specific company…another one of these companies that make their money by taking cash from people who don’t know enough to read the Terms and Conditions (VERY small print). I got caught in this myself, but not before I cancelled the order (after 2 tries). I really don’t expect more responsible conduct from these companies, but shouldn’t so-called respectible media be held accountable for advertising these companies? Is there no offical or government agency I can compain to about that?

  10. I have read alot about so called “diet pills” I am all of 5′ 1″ and have been a a very low carb diet that was desined just for me from blood test. It is so nice to finally hear some one else out there agrees with me that there is no such thing as a “deit pill”! right and work hard at keeping your weight at what it should be…by the way I was I am sitting at about 125lbs from March of 2010 to now…but in all honesty over the holidays I have gained back about 10 lbs..that is my fault..who can stay on a real healthy weight controle over the holiday??? Thank you for being truth full about the so called..”magic diet pills”.. hats off to you for sure

    • There’s NO Magic, Healthy weight loss pill PERIOD! Choose healthy foors and exercise – that’s the only Magic there is for you and for me.

  11. LeanSpa 14 day trial offer is a total sham. Get a free 14 day trial of product for just 1.95 S&H. What you get a full 7 days later at your door is not a trial size bottle but the full size bottle and notice that your 14 day trial began when you placed your order. The only thing that was clear on the arrival of the order is the instructions for returning the unused portion of the product to avoid being shipped additional bottles on the subscriber program. When you request the RMA # you’re offerred a special price on the bottle already shipped, as an incentive to avoid the hassle and cost of returning it. I can’t speak to the effectiveness or quality of LeanSpa product but their sales gimmick is clever enough. I decided to eat the return shipping and cancel the subscibtion plan. I wouldn’t trust a company that scams me with a costly free trial offer.

  12. A few months ago I was surfing the net and saw a blurb with a video about some news reporter that had tried “Acai Optimum” for a review on her news station and lost a bunch of weight from it. I thought this was different because normally it’s just these articles which are like “this mom found a million year old secret for weight loss.” So I watched the video and read the article and thought well maybe I should try this. It seemed legit – I mean it was on the news right? I didn’t think about it at the time but the news reporter never said what station she was for or anything that would make it look like a real news report. So anyway I clicked the link to get to the site and it was advertising a “30 day free trial” all over the website and you pay only for shipping. I signed up for that, thinking I was paying $7 for shipping. But the report said you had to get this colon cleanser product along with it. So I clicked on the link for that product and the website looked EXACTLY the same as the acai optimum site. That sent up the red flags, because they were saying these 2 products were from 2 different companies. I went back and read all of the policies on the acai optimum website and found out that I was going to be charged $99.95 and would receive a 30 day supply of the pills, would be charged another $99.95 and sent another 30 day supply in 30 days, and only after 60 days I may or may not have been eligible for a possible refund of up to $99.95. So I canceled the order immediately. About 7 days later I noticed my bank was overdrawn and called to dispute the charge because I had canceled the order and had not received anything. I actually received the box later that day (I had payed extra for 2 day shipping so if I had wanted the product I would have been very disappointed in the wait as well). I called the number on the email confirmation and reached a company that did not identify themselves as “acai optimum.” I spent 45 minutes arguing on the phone with some foreign sounding guy that I had canceled the order, did not want the item and wanted a refund. He kept telling me that the 30 day trial is not returnable and he could not refund it because I did not follow the policy, and that there was a 15 day trial which was returnable. I told him that I read the entire policy page on the website that I ordered from and nowhere on it did it specify anything about a 15 day trial, it specifically said that the customer could cancel at any time for a refund. There also was no option on that website to order a 15 day trial. I work in customer service so I tried to find the website I was on so I could tell this guy exactly what I read on the policy page but when I searched for it I found a TON of websites for the EXACT SAME product, but could not find the site I had ordered from. I threatened to call my lawyer and he offered a refund of $45. I told him I wasn’t paying for any of it, that it had already been disputed and I was sending it back and that if I needed to I would report it with the BBB and he finally said he would refund the full amount. I saw the refund in my bank account about 3 days later, but this was just so despicable… I will never again spend money on weight loss unless I’m seeing a licensed practitioner or going to a gym.

  13. This Acai Berry ad is such a scam! I’ve noticed it posing to represent a “respectable” TV station in several areas that doesn’t exist. They use station numbers to appear legitimate (Just check them out on a TV listing) and “reporters” that don’t exist!

  14. What I got from the Acai Berry scam was diarrhea and a huge credit card bill for the “free” trial. Will I ever learn?

  15. i ordered the pills as well, after i ordered them, i had a gut feeling to google “lean spa scam”. Luckily i found this site. since they already had my credit card information, i knew i would be in an endless cycle of charges and trying to get my money back. So i called my credit card and canceled it IMMEDIATELY. The 40 mins from when i place the order till i called my credit card company, they already charged the $2.95, plus the $1.99 for the acid berry. My credit card company said they see scams like this all the time, the best thing to do is cancel your credit card as soon as you can. They will not be able to make any further charges. Thanks for posting this… glad it was only $5 i lost….i was a lucky one.

  16. I was also just as stupid.. What makes us do this? Acai Berry Max is a Scam. I was charged the $2.95 immediately, now another $76.00 has been charged to my credit card and no product. And everyone is right – Customer Service will not answer the phone. I have called my Credit Card company and they said that the best thing to do was to cancel the card and have a new one reissued so that they can not charge anymore. They are also sending me a form to place a complaint. To Elza – I would contact your bank and have everything stopped coming from this company. There should be some law to protect consumers from this sort of fraud and everyone involved should be thrown in jail…

  17. Just paid my credit card company 79.99. My $1.99 offer gave me ten days to cancel, didn’t notice small print said from the day ordered, by the time I got the product and realized it was a laxative, it was too late. The credit card company took it off my account while I disputed the charge but today it was back on the card. This company will help you loss “money” Now I’m wondering “are more charges going to appear?”

    • I was also stupid. Didn’t print anything off and didn’t receive anything. When I got my credit card bill I saw 2 charges for 7.91 and two charges for 102.64. I called the number 1 888 470 0383 & decided to simply inquire about where my order was. Spoke to a guy named Mark who said it hadn’t been shipped yet because they were busy filling paid orders so I said okay well please cancel & he said he couldn’t cancel it because it was a free offer – I inquired about the two 102.64 charges and was told that that was a membership fee. For 45 minutes I spoke reasonably with him about the fact I had received anything and he said several things including that I wasn’t entitled to anything because it was a membership/subscription; why did I wait so long to cancel and what did I do with the four emails they sent me – of course I’d never seen any emails but two appeared in my mailbox as we spoke. I succeeded in having him cancel the membership/subscription and received two cancelation #;s and a guareentee that there were only the December charges and no more fees were owing. After asking him how he could live with himself when he was scamming people I ended the call and called my credit card company. They said since I had not received anything they would dispute the charge – and by the way, there is a January charge as well. They then cancelled my credit card and gave me a new number. I expect I may end up paying about 400.00 since their line is being a membership/subscription, there is nothing to deliver but I hope that will be the end of it. Good luck to the rest of you. This is my first scam and I have learned my lesson.

    • Why do these companies attach such predatory practises to these supplements. I ordered AcaiReduce on a “free trial” and ended up paying $100 extra because they enrolled me in an online diet program.
      Didn’t find out until I got my CC bill.

  18. I too have been ripped off by this scam for Acai Berry. Last Nov 2010 I ordered the ‘free trial’ product of Acai Berry for $2.95. I then found all these websites saying that it was a fraudulent company, so I tried to cancel my order & couldn’t get through on the number that I had, by this point they had taken $91.03 out of my account. By the time I did get in touch with this ‘company’ I ended up screaming down the phone at them but they wouldn’t refund my money but did send me a form to cancel the product. I had to go to my bank & complete a form to say that they had illegally taken my money in order to reclaim it. I thought that was the end of the matter as my bank refunded my money but this month Feb 2011 on reading my bank statements this company have once again taken another $91 out of my account once again without my authoriastion & to no avail can I get in touch with this company. I know I was stupid in the first instance in believing this but how can they keep getting away with basically stealing money from me. I am infuriated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would be really grateful if someone out there has a contactable number for these fraudsters that they can pass on to me.

  19. Soooooo thankful I found this site…was about to order and my gut said “Check It Out”… Saved me a big hassle and lots of bucks. Thanks again for what you do!

  20. i am takeing restorelife formulas omega-3 renew 2 per day then i am taking restore life formulas resveratrol renew 1 per day and with these pills i am taking restore life vitamin d for optimal renewal 1 per day now my question is this a good product to use i am trying to loose weight this is by sueanne summer the movie star what do you think of this and is this a scam

    d for optimal renewal


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