Is Acai Max Cleanse Another Acai Scam or the REAL deal??

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Well, here we are with yet another acai product. This time, in the form of a cleanse. Two of the most popular types of supplements on the net these days… cleanses and acai products! AND, two popular products that have been in the paws of some scammers. Naturally, my hair bristled and my ears perked when I heard about Acai Max Cleanse.

Can Acai Max Cleanse help you lose weight and find better health? Thought I better check it out for my loyal Health Hound friends…

Acai Max Cleanse: Proven Weight Loss Aid or the BIGGEST SCAM YET! (I hope you’re sitting down…)

The Claim

The Real Deal (HOLY CRAP!)

“Flush Pounds of Weight and Toxins from Your Body” I can tell you what you’ll flush! I’ll let you guess the first one, but the second is your wallet!
“Acai Max Cleanse uses a proprietary blend of 8 powerful herbs that will help to rid your body of all that excess buildup and pounds in your digestive tract that is weighing you down.” Really? What are the herbs? Try as I might, I’m afraid I’ve failed at finding the ingredients anywhere on the net! You know why? Because XMBrands (makers) is a HUGE company that have flooded pages and pages with their own ads… none of which have the ingredients.
“Claim your trial bottle” I actually have to cool off a bit before I tell you what I found out… MAD, MAD DOG!!! Read below…


What’s Got Your Health Hound so Steamed?

I’ve told you and told you that “free trial offer” is a big-time red flag. Not that all companies cheat you with a free offer, but it happens a lot. This is a case that is so blatant, it boggles the mind.

Let’s start with the BBB. Two reports against Acai Max Cleanse (one on Acai Max Cleanse and the other on the parent company, XMBrands). Acai Max Cleanse has had 5 consumer complaints on billing & collections and returns & exchanges. XMBrands has 2761 complaints. I fell out of my chair. And yes, the BBB has given this company an F rating.

What do the people say? I found one board report about difficulty in contacting the company and having his money reimbursed. He eventually got this accomplished. As for what other victims have to say? (You know, the other 2765 of them.) We may never know.

XMBrands has even managed to flood the boards with gibberish and links to their websites which happen to be a menagerie of bogus, unproven improvement products.

All this for a product that doesn’t list the ingredients, isn’t proven to work and just intends to cheat a person because they are desperate to lose weight!!!!


Okay, I’m calm… really, I am. Want to know how to really lose weight and find better health?

As upsetting as this review was for me, I’m glad I investigate this stuff for you all. I know there are people struggling to lose weight and I hate to see them scammed. I care about you guys and I’ve got something great for ya’ll… and it’s 100% FREE… no trial offer or bogus supplement. I don’t want your credit card… I just want to help.

It’s a free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight and find better health. Your choice… take your chances with the acai scammers for something not even proven to help you lose weight (please don’t do that)…. Or…?? (cue to click below!)

Save Your Money! Download the Health Hound’s FREE Weight Loss Report!

My 100% no-bull report “The Health Hound’s Fast, Safe, & Effective Way To Lose Weight Quickly!” has been downloaded over 137,782 times and has the simple action steps anyone can take to lose weight fast. All I ask in return is that you check out my free newsletter (you can unsubscribe any time!) that contains periodic health and weight loss tips and scam alerts delivered right to your inbox. You owe it to yourself to check this out!

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. I became a victim of this CRIMINAL company after falling for the “free trial” of the cleanse. I called to cancel 3 times and was assured each time that I would be reimbursed and cancelled –all lies. I continue to receive charges on my credit card each month and have instructed my bank,(they agreed) to block these charges, but they turned back up this month. How can this company continue this robbery without being prosecuted? If you have any helpful suggestions, please let me know!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your insightful research–sure wish I had seen your web page before I took the big leap; the company took $87.13 from my credit card 2 days after I had placed the order (even though, their web site stated that billing would not occur until after the customer was able to test the product)! What a bunch of cr__! I called their customer service department several times to complain; and each time the either said the product is enroute or that they would send another out as a courtesy, as well as, credit my account with $20–of course none of this ever happened. They even gave me a usps tracking number, which was a valid #, however, the info. from usps indicated no information about the package actually being delivered (BECAUSE IT NEVER WAS!). I have never felt so powerless in my entire life; but I appreciate this opportunity to vent and share my story, which may prevent others from becoming victims of such scams. God Bless!

  3. Hi Folks, Yup I fell for it too. What hooked me are the claims on their web page – CNN and other reputable tv sites and their coy logos are listed. The comments at the bottom of the page sounded promising as well. The problem is that the dates on the comments change to match the timeframe that you are looking at them. They are also linked to your location so it looks like the “reporter” who tried the product is from your area. Man they sucked me in good! I tried to leave a comment, but of course it doesn’t work! I caught on very quickly though and immediately contacted them to cancel. Here is the key thing to remember! Write down the date, time, cancellation number (Make sure you get one!!!) and the person’s name that you spoke to. By having this info, my credit card company was amazing in helping me reverse illegal charges on my account. (After threatening legal action, they did reverse the large charge.) The company, however, continued to charge small amounts hoping I wouldn’t notice. We had no choice but to change my credit card number to stop them. There is a chance they will push through to the new number but, if that happens, I am fully prepared to cancel my card outright! I really wish I could piggy back on their site and stop others from ordering! Companies like these are the reason why we need internet laws and policing on the internet!

    • Hi Cindy, I could have written this article w/out any changes including having to cancel/change my credit card number. I originally canceled order, everything fine, then out of the blue (3 mo’s) they started charging my ccard again. I called & was told it was a billing error & would be credited to account. No such luck! As a matter of fact, they billed me for another 3 months until I eventually canceled credit card number. Thank goodness my Bank was willing to work w/me. They filed a fraud report against this company as well…I hope it shuts them down.

  4. I also fell for this gimmick. They are total rip offs. I called to cancel on time mind you and next thing i know i have charges to my account causing my account to be overdrawn then when i called them again they said that i hadn’t canceled in time. Well they counted from the time i ordered it , which i didn’t even receive it for 3 weeks. I took it for a week and when nothing i called to cancel with no luck. Well i called 3 times each time talking to a different person they had charged me a $79 membership fee(membership fee for what) anyways after me breaking down and crying and my husband getting on the phone and threatening them they did reimburse my money and cancel the order thank God.

  5. When will people learn? Anything that claims to help you lose weight “easily and quickly” is most likely a scam. The only answer is better eating habits and more activity, duh!!! These are scams people, all they want is your money, they don’t care if you lose weight or have high blood pressure or any other health condition!!!!! PLEASE don’t fall for this stuff!!!

    • Hey, that is really good advice. I just wish you could find a way of giving it to everyone without sounding so condescending! Either way, this is all a scam and somethings will just have to be done with work and sacrifice. Good luck to all!

  6. Although I was suspicious at the low, low price, I thought it was a legitimate promo to get people to try the product. I wasn’t really interested in the weight loss claim, more in the detox and improved energy level associated with Acai.
    I ordered Nov. 14th and have yet to receive anything.
    I’m calling the credit card company tomorrow and if I’ve been charged by the ACAI MAX guys, I’ll report them.

  7. Yes, this is a very orchestrated scam. I ordered the Acai Berry and the Acai cleanse under the free trial program. The very next day My debit card was billed $200.00 ($100 each for the berry and the cleanse) When it arrived the notice said I had to have an RMA # to return, I received a # from the berry order and returned it unopened, but I have never received a refund. Different story with the cleanse, they advised there was no return or refund policy period. So I have the box the cleanse came in unopened, unused, sitting in my home as a reminder that if it sounds too good to be true -it is. My problem is how can they continue to get away with this. It has been a year, and their website is still active!!!

  8. Yeah, I ordered the acai product from leanspa and when I received the product and read the label it said I should consult my doctor before use if I take any medications. Well I DO take medications and there is no way in hades I could get in to see my doctor even within a month so I decided to send the product back and cancel my order. They tried to get me to pay $24 bucks or so to keep the product and I told them “no” I don’t want a product I don’t even know if it is safe to take or not. I was pissed because I thought all my putting out money days were over when I paid my 2 bucks. The salesman gave me a return order # and that was that. I will be sending the product back. The salesman had a great attitude because I really laid in him letting him know I expected more from people from connecticut and to be truthful when it comes to advertising. Cya>

  9. After just reading Cindy M’s case I have decided to never use my credit card directly anymore. I will use only paypal. You can’t bill someone’s card directly through paypal because paypal never gives out your cc# to anyone. YAY!!!

  10. After reading the report of Julia Millar of Consumer News sometime mid November 2010, i decided to try the product. Up to this time Jan 20,2011 have not received any product but my credit card was charged over $80 sometime end November.

    Today, when i requested for refund (took me time to look them up and was made to wait on the phone for over 15 mins – I think its a one-man operation -maybe hoping the customer will hang-up, I was told I cannot be refunded the amount because it’s way beyond the trial period forgetting that cancellation is so many days after trial of the product which upto now
    Jan 20, 2011 has not arrived. The guy admitted that it does not show in their record that the product has been shipped and said he will ship it today.

    I will not stop until I get my money back!
    product has

  11. Is there a way to wipe out scammers from the face of the earth?
    Lesson learned: Do not succumb to any promotion on line. Go to the store,
    where you can see it, hold it, smell it etc. Not happy? Put it back in the shelf. If it’s not in the store, it has no merit to be there.

  12. OH Henry how I love thee. Thank you so much for all of your scam work. I feel a little safer knowing there are people like you out there ACTUALLY trying to prevent scam artists and their product reaching unsuspecting victims! It’s a pleasure reading your blog!!!

  13. I tried the “free trial”. I paid $4.95 for 2 week’s worth of pills. It asked for my credit card number and stated that if I cancelled within 2 weeks they wouldn’t charge my account any more money. I couldn’t get a hold of the company. I called numerous times to get nowhere. I ended up cancelling my credit card instead. There’s no way I’m going to let that company steal my money for a product that didn’t even work. I haven’t lost a single pound from this crap. And I looked at the label on the bottle: 100mg of Acai Berry (doesn’t say what part of the berry… could be the root for all I know), 20mg of Green Tea Premium Blend 4:1, 500mg of Phenylethylamine HCI (huh??), and 20mg of African Mango 4:1. So I have this product labeled ACAI Max, but only 15% of it is actually Acai. What a ripoff!


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