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Hi, I’m Henry the Health Hound. My job as the internet’s official Health Watchdog is to review the companies and business practices behind health products sold online and tell you whether they’re bogus or not. Plain and simple.

I first came to life in 2009 on a crusade to rid the internet of it’s worst scammers – the ones who take advantage of people who are suffering from a health condition. My job is to review these companies to determine whether or not they’re a scam, guilty of deceptive marketing practices or demonstrate poor business performance and ethics.

And I also give my two cents on product effectiveness!

When I investigate an online health product, I ask myself the following questions:

checkmark Is the product or company an obvious scam?

checkmark Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

checkmark Does the health product live up to it’s claims?

checkmark Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

checkmark What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

checkmark What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

checkmark Does the company sell any other “questionable” products?

After my research is complete, I then grade this information to determine whether or not the product and company behind it is worthy of the Health Hound Seal of Approval. This is my personal guarantee and promise that protects you from bogus and potentially dangerous health products online.


About The Health Hound Promise…

Any product I recommend automatically comes with my Health Hound Promise.

The Health Hound Promise is my special double-layered guarantee – which I’ve created to help repair the severe damage that scammers have done to the trustworthiness of health educators.


The first layer:
Any product I recommend through my email newsletter OR my blog has been verified to have…

1) A money-back guarantee this IS honored.
2) Good support from the company.
3) Health or weight loss tips and techniques that WORK.


Important note: The second layer is only valid when your problems CAN’T be solved by the original company.

In other words: You must use up all available support options from the company whose product you bought FIRST.

And since I only recommend products from companies with awesome support, I almost never see someone reach the second layer.

The second layer:
If you get a course I recommend – and develop problems – I’ll personally help you solve those problems.

If your problems can’t be solved (rare), I’ll walk you through

getting a refund from the company. And if that doesn’t work (super rare), I’ll refund your money out of my OWN pocket.

You have protection at EVERY level with this guarantee – the kind of protection that only a loyal hound can provide.


And just so you know and there is no misunderstanding, I do find products that pass my test every once in a while – those are the ones with the Five Stars! I do get a paid a commission on these products to support my bone habit (actually so I can continue work on this site).

It does not affect my judgment because I was not an affiliate for any product when this started, when I find a good product – I then sign up to be an affiliate. There is no way I can prove that to you, but I think if you read really carefully and look at the comments that it is clear that I am on your side.


  1. Have you tested Calorad? My doctor is monitoring a man taking it who has had good results. I have only had weight problems for the last 6-7 years and much of it is stress related.

    I have tried the Quick Trim and got nothing out of it. Was looking at Sensa and thanks to you I will save my time and money. I had success with Weight Watchers but find it hard to stay on when I have to eat out so much and ended up gaining more than when I started.

    And just FYI: Aspartame has been put into most all gums even those not tagged low cal so watch that.

  2. Thanks for the info.I was going to try sensa untill reading reviews.I am so glad I didnt order this product.I was always told if it seems to good to be true it usually is!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi – I just found this site & think it’s extremely useful info, but my question is the same as Arlene G on Aug 13. Please tell us a bit more about your background – school, other training, work experience, degree/credentials – that sort of thing. If you’re self-educated, that’s great too. When you say that the big companies you review are “heavy-handed”, does that mean you’re not posting personal info so that they don’t try to hassle you (shut you down, sue, etc.)? Anyway, thanks for the great job you’re doing!

  4. Have you heard of a product called “Whey Delicious”? Has it been investigated and if so, I would like to know your opinion.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    Pat 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you to you and your pack! I have to say that I am shocked and awed by the fact that your FREE weight loss report is actually what you say it is – FREE! Thank you for you hard work and for saving me money, time and stress!

  6. With so many scams out there, it’s good to know there is someone like you who does the research on all these products. Lord knows I have wasted a few bucks on some of this stuff.

  7. I am SO glad I ‘stumbled’ upon your site! I have been trying to review just about EVERYTHING before I buy and this is a God send! I just need some motivation to get going but look to the quickest, easiest way to lose weight and was leaning to the ‘go for it’ button and found you! Thanks for giving me a place to really get the reviews I WANT, not what will make someone richer for nothing!

  8. Henry,

    I first discovered your website while researching Sensa … after reading the insightful information I decided not to waste my money. I also read your investigations on Hydroxycut which my best friend is currently trying … not anymore after I forwarded her your website. I continued on to read what you said about PX90 (which another one of my friends tried) and Jillian Michaels, whom I follow from time to time. I was very pleased – good info … the information was very accurate. For my friend who was on PX90 it definitely worked even though he did not scrupulously follow the food plan he ate fairly healthy already and saw results. As for me, Jillian Michaels site was also great but I have since cancelled because I was certain there were other free online tools I could use and get the same result, as you confirmed. Thanks for what you do! Your site has information that very useful.

  9. Im into healthy living lots of organic and natural products. What do you fgeel about Jordan Rubins new raw probiotics and raw enzymes?

  10. I have checked into “the diet solution” and am very interested and impressed with the product. I would like to know how you feel about the “the truth about six pack abs program”?,

  11. just looking into the buying sensa and found your blog i like this, it’s very informative…….they keep sending me emails since i exited out when the billing information popped up..lol i guess how they do say nothings is free in this world there’s always a catch……thanks can you look into Herbalife…thanks much God Bless

  12. Have you reviewed Avesil , I wish to purchase the diet pill to help me with my long weight loss journey. I am 39 yrs old, in 3 weeks will be 40. I weight 227, wish to go down to 160. I am a junk food addict. Started curbing my junk, but while studying awl ways want something to eat. I can control my food intake but not my junk intake. I really need to change these habits, I am nit getting any younger, and started suffering from hypertension due to so many diets pills I have tried.

  13. Hi Henry

    I tried a program called the slim girl box of secret, after seeing some girl in a magazine, saying it had work for her, it was expensive but came with a money back guarantee, it involved cbt tapping to reduce a craving, it was not practical, i just cant start tapping when I am at my desk at work it had a book and a hynosis cd, I mailed the person saying it was not working, he just said to do the exerciess, so I never got my money back..

  14. i want to know if the pure acai berry work for burning fat the name might be orgamic pure acai berry i just want to know if it work for diet and were can you buy it i look for you to tell me the true so i am not buying a scam thank you for helping me

  15. Does anyone know about the Almased meal replacement diet? It is supposed to be for weight loss and diabetes lowering glucose levels.

  16. I’ve been wanting to try Okuma’s Wu-Long Tea polyphenol capsules. Since I am not a tea drinker I was wondering if I am defeating the purpose by consuming the capsules instead. Their website does say that one capsule is equal to drinking 2.5 cups of Wu-long tea but I’m not sure if it’s better to take it in tea form.

    • Every ‘body’ is different, so it make take some tweaking to find out the best plan for yours, but typically, when you’ve just gotten up, you’ve been fasting for x amount of hours, so your body needs fuel (i.e. ‘breakfast to break the fast’)…but just have something small–ideally some protein and carbs…this will give you the energy to get through your workout, and then you would eat your post-workout meal. However, I know many people who say that they simply cannot have anything on their stomcach before a morning workout. I still suggest maybe a few liquid calories in the form of a protein shake…but just part of one. Just see what works for you!

  17. I have been wanting to try the wulong tea from Okuma nutritionals but noticed that they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. This concerns me. Any thoughts?

    • Hi Henry- Have you heard anything about “Boston Botanicals Calorie Control Crystals”- it sounds waaaaay to good to be true. They claim that the crystals that are sprinkled on yor food are flavorless so they do not alter the taste of your food & can be used on anything, that they are natural & will not harm your body AND that you can lose 1 lb of fat per day because they reduce the amount of calories of the actual food item they are sprinkled on as well as burn the stored fat in your body.

  18. I have been introduced to the Poliquin Biosignature program. Would like to know your take on this program and its claims. Apparently this gentleman is a world renowned coach and highly regarded. Any advise on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

  19. Dear Health Hound: I would really like to check out these two items:
    HCG Ultra Lean Plus + Ultra Colon Klenze – any thoughts on these two items?

    Thank you,


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