Double Your Fat Loss And Build Abs At The Same Time? … My Review Of “Ab Strength Guide” by Dr. Kareem Samhouri.

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I was recently sniffing through a certain weight-loss forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a certain course by the name of “Ab Strength Guide.”

I wanted to see if the program really was that good. But… I wasn’t too enthusiastic (because of the way I found out about the program). Usually I hear about a new program from one of my pack members… NOT some random forum post.

So here’s my investigation of Ab Strength Guide…

The Overview

The program is by a guy named Dr. Kareem Samhouri. He’s been on NBC Philadelphia as their health expert… and his methods are even being taught in top universities.


But as always… being a “guru” isn’t enough. Almost all health based products these days are backed by so-called experts. What really matters is my investigation into the science behind the product… but we’ll get to that in a sec.

First… what are his “methods”?

Basically he’s a proponent of quick 10 minute exercise routines… made up of weird exercises that Dr. K calls “3d exercise”. (Because you use your body in a full-motion kind of way.) This stuff supposedly keeps your body guessing and causes your metabolism to shoot up like a rocket. He calls this the systemic fat loss effect.

He also recommends the use of a stabilization ball (also called an exercise ball). What this does is force your muscles to balance your body while you’re performing the exercise.

Compared to staying on a treadmill for 45 minutes (which usually ends in me flying off the back because dogs my size can’t reach the controls)… I like this stuff a LOT more.

You only need to do 10 minutes of exercise five times a week. That’s a lot less than most weight loss programs.
But does it work or is it all B.S.?

What Does My Investigation Say?…

The science behind “Ab Strength Guide”

After researching the claims of Dr. Kareem on WebMD and Mayo Clinic, I found that 3d full-motion exercise burns far more calories than almost any other kind of exercise.

More than that… doing this type of workout while balancing your body on an exercise ball is one of the BEST ways to maximize your fat loss.

You burn more calories faster and easier by forcing your body to balance itself. (The instability of the ball forces you to use your core muscles to keep your body level.)

Here’s a quote from one of the articles I read on WebMD:

“Working out with an exercise ball takes traditional strength training to a new level, says Neal Pire, MA, FACSM, director of the Parisi Speed School, in Fair Lawn, N.J., a performance-based training school for athletes 6 and up.”

According to this quote… pro athletes are using this stuff. Even more proof of its effectiveness.

Also the “systemic fat loss effect” that Kareem talks about checks out. This is just a fancy phrase for boosting your metabolism. Of course increasing your body’s ability to burn fat does work.

But the way in which Dr. K. goes about doing this is unique. What he recommends is building the metabolism of as many parts of your body as possible (using the 3d workouts). This then adds up to greater whole-body metabolism.

And according to Mayo Clinic this kind of thing does work. It’s a way of keeping your body guessing. So it burns more fat for energy on an ongoing basis.

Here’s the best way I can explain how this works (bear with me hear it might get a little complex):

If your body thinks you are starving… it reduces your metabolism so that when you DO eat… your body doesn’t use as much of the food for energy. Instead, it stores it away as fat. Since it has no idea when your next meal will come. Sometime in the future it may NEED the fat for energy to power your most vital organs.

Ok… so that is what happens when your body thinks you are STARVING. But what happens when your body thinks you are in need of MORE energy instead of more fat storage (you’re eating small meals all the time so there isn’t a risk of starvation).

It burns more energy on an ongoing basis… because WHO knows when you’re going to do one of those weird 10-minute workouts that use SO many muscles and so much energy.

So to sum up: from what I’ve seen… the science behind this program is legit… and is firmly based on weight loss science.

Dr. K’s reputation… and one small negative

I searched and found zero results for Dr. Kareem. Same thing for “Ab Strength Guide”. No negative reports at all. This is really good. Most weight loss companies have at least one negative report on this site.

So this definitely looks good for Dr. K.

This program also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. And he DOES actually abide by it. I checked it myself. It wasn’t hard at all to get my money back. Of course I then turned around and bought the program again.

Reputation gets an A in my book.

But this program isn’t perfect…

One negative thing about this program is that some of the videos are very low quality. Don’t get me wrong… you CAN see Dr. K demonstrate the exercises… but I wish they had some higher quality videos available. That way I could play them on my HDTV in the living room without it looking too grainy.

Final Words and A Free Video From Dr. Kareem

From my research… I think this program is a must-have for both men AND women. While men want six-pack abs… women usually want a flat belly. Both are possible using the 3D exercises and the stability trainings.

I highly recommend you check out Dr. K’s free video presentation. He explains how it all works… how it boosts your metabolism and even how he discovered it. Plus he includes clips of his TV appearances. Pretty cool.

And make sure you watch the ENTIRE video because Dr. K gives out something special at the end.

Click here to see the free video presentation

And as always… let me know how it goes for you. I think this one is good… but I always like to keep updated on programs I’ve reviewed. That’s where my pack comes in.


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