A Weight Loss Gum?



 gumI have heard about “Chewing the Fat,” but a chewing gum that could help you lose weight? I am not so sure about that. It’s called “Diet Burst” and it has been available for a while in UK and other parts of Europe. According to a recent company Press Release, “Diet Burst” will soon be hitting our shores.


The main ingredient of this chewy supplement is something the makers call “Slendesta” Don’t you just love the names these guys come up with? In any case “Slendesta” apparently is an all natural protein that comes from potato skins, and according to company claims it makes you feel more full. In the aforementioned Press Release, President of Arco Health, Walter Lamb, said, “It’s about reducing caloric intake…the key is that people continue to eat what they like. They just feel fuller.”


The mechanism of action is believed to be that the gum suppresses appetite by stimulating your body to release certain hormones that tell your brain you are no longer hungry. But I could not find any clinical research, other than studies mentioned in the company Press Release, to back up those claims.


The gum also contains African Mango, which has been known to have some metabolism boosting properties.

What About Taste?

In an interview with UK’s Daily Mirror, Lamb admitted that “the first few gums we produced tasted terrible” but, believes the peppermint, the only flavor that has worked well so far, tastes on par with other sugar-free peppermint gums and is confident that spearmint and fruity varieties will be developed in the near future.


Each piece of the peppermint-flavored gum contains two and a half calories, which is similar to any other sugar-free gum on the market. And it should be noted that chewing any kind of sugar free gum, has long been suggested as a way to stave off hunger and cravings for more caloric sugary sweets. Ordinary sugar free gum is considerably cheaper than Diet Burst Gum, which sells for $14.95 for a 16-piece pack, 32 pieces for $24.95, and 64 pieces for $44.95.


According to the company, it takes four pieces of Diet-Burst to get a full dose of the “active” ingredients, and suppression of hunger will be achieved within 15-20 minutes after chewing.

The idea of “therapeutic gum” is not new; just think of the effectiveness of Nicotine Gum for quitting smoking. But a weight loss gum? I’m still not so sure about that. When the product has been on the market for awhile, check back for my full review, but for now The Hound will not burst Arco’s bubble –yet.


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