Can the “6 Week Body Makeover” Really Make You “Slim in 6?”

Henry‘s Rating: 1.5 / 5.0


Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover claims you will lose up to 30 pounds and makeover your entire body in 6 weeks…

How will you accomplish this? Well, first you take a metabolism quiz, find out your body type, and then follow a meal plan designed for your body type. Also included are various support materials…

The Claim

The Problem

By eating right for your type and only working out 15-18 minutes 2 times a week, you will lose up to 30 pounds in 6 weeks…Somehow it is eating “wrong” for your type that is the source of all of your weight loss problems. The research in support of losing weight based on eating for your, “food type” is less than solid.Even more important, the idea that you can only workout two times a week for only 15-18 minutes and lose this amount of weight simply defies all logic.


The 6 Week Body Makeover Eating Plan…

The fact that you have an eating plan and recipes is great. However, although there are schools of thought that say different body types metabolize food differently, it is most likely the reason for anyone’s success on the program is based the fact that his plans for all types involve eating less calories than your taking in.

On a positive note, lots of diet plans do not come with recipes, so this is a nice detail. And eating right for your type might make you feel better and allow you to stick to a plan a little easier.

The Real Problem: The Workout Claims…

-He claims that because the workouts are “targeted” that just 15-18 minutes, twice a week, is all it takes to begin to reshape all your problems areas.

By doing only those body sculpting exercises that are right for you, you can stop killing yourself in the gym, start working out less, and get the results that you desire.

Grrr. I smell a cat…er, a rat.

I am sorry to be the one to tell you this, but if you are thirty pounds overweight and you want to get in shape, working out for 15 minutes twice a week will not get you to where you want to go. Not in 6 weeks. Not in 16.

So What Can You Do to Lose Weight Fast?

You must workout thirty minutes per day, minimum, and you must add cardio to your daily ‘diet’ of exercise. Weight training is both great and necessary, but it will not do it all. If you are overweight, you must get moving-any cardiovascular exercise will do the trick, at first. I suggest you save your money and invest in a good pair of running shoes and some hand weights. But either way, eating healthy and working out are the only ways to get that better body in 6 weeks.

There is a great alternative to “The 6 Week Body Makeover” that my pack loves. Unlike Thurmand’s program it does not exaggerate the benefits. It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight. In the Health Hound’s opinion, I would say that it’s a no-brainer not to at least give this free report a try.

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Don’t just take it from me! Here are a few emails from others who have checked out my weight loss report:

“Dear Henry,

I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

Thanks again,


  1. Ladies and gents…be very vey carefull…tried to return the program got nothing but a run around even canceled the fat burners befor the shipment but they keep taking money out of my account.after being put on hold for a total of 1 hr. and 37 min was told it could take 2 weeks to process and another 30 days to get my money back…………just another fad diet scheam to get your money dont get sucked into cant even post a comment on there web site

  2. I have tried so many diets, you name it, i’ve tried it. The six week body make over is incredible. I lost 12lbs the first week. I was on two blood pressure medications and was told that i was a border line diabetic. Thanks to the Six Week Body Makeover I’m no longer at risk of having diabetes and I’m down to only one blood pressure pill. My doctor told me if i continue to stick to this program i will no longer have to take any pills. I have lost 30 pounds in 3 weeks. Thank you, Michael Thurmond.

  3. I have been on a starvation diet (not an eating disorder just being a little hungry all the time) and it has so far been the only thing that has worked for me. When I stop being hungry guess what happens. I ordered the plan and Im both excited to not feel hungry but unsure if it is really possible.?

  4. I love this program!! Because it is customizable and teaches us how to eat as we are supposed to …. your body needs food to function and not only 3 meals per day .. they are balanced and are foods that work together .. if you have any basic nutrition knowledge and how your body digested protein, carbs and fats .. you realize how “obvious” it is.. that this is how it should be…. common sense eating!!! While Michael’s way boosts metabolism and keeps it boosted .. No, you don’t HAVE to work out, but it can only make things easier at the end of the day. As your body realizes that it is being fed constantly it will let go of all the unwanted, “unnecessary” fat reserves. Please don’t bash a program on the assumption that you know all!! Or better yet because you are trying to market your own. This is the ABSOLUTE best program I have ever done and been successful with!! And you really can’t call it a diet … it is not!!

  5. I did this program in the early stages (i.e. before T.V.). I met with Michael and he introduced me to a wonder personal trainer. My problem is I hate to eat; this program forced me to eat and I had a workout “partner”. I love to work out, but no matter how much or how often I workout, if I don’t eat I gain weight. This program, at the time, was the best! I was back to better than competition shape (I am a former gymnast). Now, I find it difficult to follow because I don’t have someone to “answer to”. I do the workout, but I am back to the non-eating thing. If you’re on it, keep it up; if you’re considering it, DO IT you won’t be sorry.

  6. I’ve never done so much research on a single weight loss program and i still have not found a single thing to gear me away from this decision. I bought it at 4:00am this morning. The weird part about that is that I’m never awake during that time! I pray that this works for me 🙂

  7. My wife and I purchased the Michael Thurmond Six Week Makeover and was overwhelmed, so we ditched the thought. A year later, we got the guts up and tried it. IT WAS AMAZING! I lost around 40 pounds, 5 pants sizes. My wife lost 29 pounds and 8 sizes. We maintained the lifestyle and basically do 4 weeks a year to revitalize the metabolism. We followed the plan exactly with no slips and we answered the testing questions honestly. In this program, what you put in, you will get out. Only drink water, no salts, all natural foods and even organics. This plan makes us understand that the chemicals and fillers placed in the food are the real issues. Plus, the amount of salt in our foods are beyond dangerous levels. Instead of arguing the diet, shouldn’t we be rising up against the FDA and our food manufacturers?

  8. Michael Thurman’s weight loss program does work if you can keep it up. I work full time in sales and have 4 kids who are active in sports etc. It’s hard for me to eat so many times a day and to plan/pack for all of the meals. I have a hard time finding the time to shop, prepare, cook, store etc. I was referred to his program by a personal trainer who said it’s the best around. It definitely works, but you have to be very organized and like to do things way ahead of time.

  9. WARNING: DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT purchase this product!!!! First off if you have any issues and try to call you will wait on the line for at least 30 minutes before you even talk to anyone. Then as the months passes by be sure to continually check your bank statement! This company steels and scans money from you! They charged me for different charges totally over 180 that were not for the program! They will not give the money back that they took out of your account so BEWARE! Now I never complain about anything and this is the first time I have been so enraged at a company that I wanted to let other people know. This is a very unprofessional company and scam artists. I wish I had never heard about this company nor ever logged onto their site. It was the worst mistake of my life!!!

  10. I am usually up during the night because I work at night and tonight I just happened to be flipping through the channels and I saw this infommercial for the 6 week body makeover and was a little more than intrigued. I watched for about 10 minutes and then went to the computer and purchased it, with no add-ons (which in the commercial they make it look like it comes with all of that), and as soon as I clicked the submit button, I felt hugely apprehensive!

    I am somewhat relieved to see so many reviews but there are many differing opinions about this product. I am not quite sure who to believe but I am locked in at this point, so when my box comes I will give it all I got for at least 6 weeks and we’ll see how it goes. :-/ I will try and post again when I have tried it and get my results, whatever those might be!

    • I cannot wait to hear about your results, I purchased SWBM back in March did it for a month and lost 25lbs!! I have 100lbs to lose but that is such a great start. I feel off the diet and only gained about 10lbs back; 10lbs dont sound back when you seen how badly Ive been eating while off of it. Im starting back on Monday Oct 17th, Im currently re-reading the materials and getting all the work out stuff unpack (just moved). I wish you the best luck!! I think you will be surprised how it actually works, I personally felt better after the first day, Maybe it was because my blood sugar was normal and I had massively lessen my salt intake, whatever it was I felt great the first night.

      • @ Angelia,
        Congratulations on starting the program again. Beings that you have done the program before, you know it CAN be a HUGE success! It is very structured and very hard to stay committed but I am finishing my 3rd week of the 6wbmo and have lost 18lbs already. Good Luck to you on and hope your first week back hasn’t been to hard!

    • Fro Rachel:

      I feel the same way. I’m a little sceptical now, want to order and uses this program but reading the stories not quit sure If I’ll be satisfied. I’m a gym person and love to exercise no matter I’m on diet or not.

      • a friend purchased this program for me 6 years ago. i lost 6 # the very first week with NO exercise. only because the doctor said lose a little weight loss first, BEFORE engaging in exercise, then the exercise wont be so hard or taxing. after 12 weeks i lost 30 # and never did get the exercises in mostly because i was working full time & busy taking care of a 10 months old. now, 6 years later, my company has implemented a 8-wk biggest loser competition. 32 of us have signed up. we aren’t allowed to discuss our # or % losses. so far, only 3 weeks into the program, i’ve dropped 15.5 #. no hunger. no weakness. i’m not trying to re-do my body in 6 weeks..just drop the weight. and i eat 5-6 times a day minus all salt, plus chug the water. i’ve had to modify my beverage from coffee w/ cream to black and now i dont miss the creamer. its really remarkable how easy it is to lose the unwanted pounds when you delete the white foods (potatoes, grits, flour, sugar) etc. make no mistake i love chocolate like no one else. and one day on the weekend i can choose which no-can-have-during-the-week item and indulge. for me, its one glass of wine or one piece of chocolate. this does not deter my weight loss. and knowing i can have that one special something come saturday or sunday, allows me to stay on the plan. nothing else has worked..weight watchers, slim fast, dexatrim, jenny craig, etc. yes. i’ve tried them all. only THIS plan has worked. and you can go online and select scores of cool recipes that meet your tastes. instead of butter or margarine, use the I CAN’T BELIEVE ITS NOT BUTTER SPRAY. great taste and zero calories! i can even go to Longhorn Steak House and order a salad with dressing on the side (just dip your forrk in the dressing for a touch of taste), 7 oz filet mignon & a sweet tater without the sugar. still on plan. that extra 4 oz of protein isn’t going to sway your results. i’ll stay on this plan this time (even after the competition is over) until i’ve dropped to the desired weight. its practically effortless. the only “work” is meal preparation. not a real biggy. you’ve gotta cook anyway, just cool a little more for the next day’s meals. pretty simple. i highly highly highly recommend to anyone apprehensive about utilizing this program to just give it a shot. your first week’s results alone, should give you all the incentive you could need to stick with it!!

  11. I purchased the 6 week body makeover and couldn’t believe the results. After 3 weeks on this program, friends started commenting how good I looked. I noticed real results all over my body and couldn’t believe what I had accomplished in such a sort time. This program does work, and yes, the grocery store bill did increase but the weight was coming off on my toned body.

    • I tried the 6WBM program years ago, I was desperate to lose weight. I too had great success with this program!

      I ate according to my body type (in my case “E”), drank 100 oz. of water a day and WALKED on a treadmill for 45 minutes, 3 times a week. I lost 3 lbs solid EVERY week for 6 weeks! I lost a total of 18 lbs in 6 weeks, I’m not kidding!

      The only thing that was hard for me was eating protein at every meal/snack, I’m not a big fan of meat all the time. And also, I was a little concerned about completely cutting out dairy (because of calcium deficiency, etc) I’ve always heard cutting out whole food groups isn’t really a good thing to do, so is this healthy?
      But overall, I was very satisfied with the program and results, but remember, you DO have to continue this healthy lifestyle to MAINTAIN it!

  12. Dear Henry,
    I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t knock something before you try it yourself. I am 3 weeks into my 6 week body makeover and I have lost 18lbs and my body has done an amazing transformation! SO IT DOES WORK! I have walked 3 times a week along with the two 18minutes sculpting exercise’s to get these results and the walking was because I did that before starting the diet. I’m sure that your plan has had some success but proper etiquette in promoting is not to smash someone else! I only have 10 lbs to go and I will be another one of his success stories! I know that most diets work, but it is what fits for each person that helps people lose weight!
    Take Care,

    • Thanks Tonya for sharing & for stressing the program works. I’m looking to commit. I need to lose 40 – 50lbs. I started working out hard & long & did weight watchers, but the scale doesn’t / didn’t move in my favor. It’s been a year since WW and I’ve gained 10 of the 20lbs back..I did Insanity recently & started to tone up but, I want soooo bad for the scale to mOve below 200. Can you please share a little more to help me decide to order the program. Also, I have a coworker who confided he lost 100 lbs in 6mths doing the makeover. Thanks.

  13. just spoke with Customer service from 6WBM and wanted to see people’s rating, what others say about this weight lost program. I’ve seen TV commercial, magazine commercial and all kind of money making “marathons” for this particular program. I did Atkins diet few years ago and it really works. But that’s very individual, just like any other diet. Anyway, I have to have non sugar coffee with cream and I have to have natural calcium sources food almost every day. I can’t live without fruit also. Other things I don’t really care. The only concern I have is that do I have to give up my favorite products I just mentioned above? I didn’t ask about this to sales person when I called. I’m sure she would say “No”. So I rather to read recommendations and responses from the people who actually used this program.

  14. I did SWBM about 6 or 7 years ago, it was the catalyst to my weight loss, after 6 weeks in which I lost about 15 lbs, I took up running and lost about another 10. I was cranky as all get out on the diet, BUT it worked. I am about 7 years out from when I started it, I have had a pregnancy in there (baby number 3) and I still run. It reset my life style, I am thinking of doing it again to loose the 10 lbs. of baby weight I have, but I am still about 15lbs less than before I did the program in the first place. I am a believer.

  15. Obviously, I have my doubts here. I do have to admit, I kinda agree with Hound a bit. If the 6WBM program is limiting your calorie count and doing some light exercise, I can see why some folks are seeing results of the product.

    I am not trying to knock the program, but it does sound like the facts of a drastic lowered calorie count and based on responses, maybe a metabolism jump seems to be the point of the program.

  16. Hi, I was 1/2 awake this morning and heard the informercial on TV. I like what I heard so I decided to find some reviews and this site has been very helpful. My problem is I’m a Black woman who is unable to exercise rigoursly because of my hair texture. As you may or may not know, black women can not wash their hair daily and when it sweats it is a wreck! So a lot of us do not exercise and therefore are unhealthy due to our hair, unfortunately. So hearing I can walk for 30 min a few times a week, resistance train for 2 days a week, and modify my eating was/is music to my ears.

    I am an active individual who does not have an issue with exercise. At this current stage I need effective exercises and it sounds like I can get that with this program. I am willing to give it a shot. If there are others out there like me, let me know how you have done on the program.

    • TM from Jersey, just wanted you to know that I lost 20 lbs in less than 2 months with NO exercise on Michael Thurmonds 6 week Body Makeover. And I was barely trying. I had never been on a diet before . I really don’t consider it a diet but a lifestyle change.And that is what it ultimately takes to lose weight. All I did was eat right according to his plan for my body type and IT WORKED ! I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS ! And you won’t know til you try it .Those that say it did not work probably did not go by the meal plan at all. It all makes logical sense. You eat more times a day but smaller portions without all the sugar and salt. After a few days without sugar and salt you begin to taste it naturally in the healthy foods that you eat. I say go for it ! And blessings to you !

  17. I bought the 6WBM program quite a few years ago, went on it and lost 40 lbs. I just start back on program 4 weeks and 2 days ago, and am happy to say I saw my 18th pound lost this afternoon. It does work. It’s not always easy, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. I am into a good groove and have found foods I have actually started craving. I did Atkins and had a lot of success with that as well, but I know the way I fall off plan for a day here and there it is not safe to do that because it takes 3 days to get back into the right body processes. I haven’t done any exercise yet, I don’t drink all 100% of water, but I do drink a lot of diet iced tea. The hardest part for me is removing salt from my diet, and adding fruit to my diet. I eat a ton of egg whites because I also have problems eating protein 5 times a day and egg whites are easier for me to deal with. I recommend it wholeheartedly. Eating healthier than most people do who turn to a “diet program” can never be a bad thing in my eyes. And for the dairy part, just remember it’s only while you are reducing the weight. It can gradually be added later when you get to a maintenance phase. : )

    • @Wendi…..congrats on such a great accomplishment! I’ve seen the infomercials & would skip by them..I’ve done Weight Watchers last year & lost 20lbs over 5mths. Slow but steady. I quit due to the meetings were depressing and I lost interest in tracking/counting everything. In the back of my mind I know I need 2 get going again, but the other day a coworker shared he lost 100lbs in 6mth doing this program. That made me perk up & google this plan & pay more attention that it could work. Can you give more insight or a little more specifics before I commit? Is it similar to WW or do u portion control & not restrict things from your diet? I see the comments about dairy & another girlfriend advised to pull back from the dairy & I would see a major difference. Thanks

  18. I just want to say you don’t have all the facts. The program doesn’t say you can only exercise twice per week…is says with as little as twice per week you can see results.

    This is by far the best program I have been on. I don’t see this is a diet I see this as a lifetime eating plan. I have never felt so good. Lots of energy, skin is clearer, digestive system much better and yes weight loss to boot.

    I lost 24 pounds in first 6 weeks without being deprived. Although, I did discover I plateau every 2-3 weeks so I just incorporate something ‘off plan” like bread or cheese into one meal and that seems to get me going again without gaining any weight.

    The plan is logical and all the health experts have beening saying this for years… eat natural foods…cut out sugar, salt, excess oil, dairy and wheat. I thought I’d miss these things, but for the first time I don’t.

    Yes, I do exercise 4-5 times week for about 30 minutes, and I know this has a lot do with the change the as well, but seeing scale move and feeling better is best results I could ask for.

    So I say, my hats off to Michael Thurmond for getting me to think about what I put in my mouth and helping me to make healthier choices. It was worth every penny!

  19. 37 and i’ve been on many ‘diets’…some worked, some didn’t….the last thing i did was follow docs orders and dropped 60lbs in 9 months…yes, it came off slow but in my opinion, safely. i did gain a good chunk of it back and am now working my way back down doing the same thing i did the first time…EAT LIKE I GOT SOME SENSE! i didn’t starve myself and the first time i didn’t exercise at all. and i don’t believe in plateaus either. the reason why we stop losing is b/c calorie intake not only depends on how many you’re burning if you exercise but by how much you weigh and the less you weigh the less you need. drop 20lbs and you’ll need to take in less than you did when you were 20lbs heavier.

    i have a problem with this 6 week makeover thing as with any advertised weightloss program. if it’s that beneficial it shouldn’t cost much money if any at all b/c to me the ultimate goal is to be at a safe/healthier weight and should be eating healthy food anyway. weightloss is always great but are any of these people eating horrible foods loaded with sodium/sugar/etc?? that was one of my problem with the frozen food that came in the mail…sodium! anyway, the other thing is if it worked that well, then a whole lot more people would be using it. this program isn’t new yet i don’t know a single person that’s used it or a person that even knows another person that’s done it. my other problem is since it gives you meal plans/recipes, how does that work for vegans? JC (or was it WW) had a vegetarian plan but the bulk of it was salad and mac and cheese…i may be vegan but i certainly don’t eat a bunch of ‘rabbit food’. just my $.02.

  20. I recently ordered the SWBM and must admit I’m both excited and nervous. I’ve been pouring through the reviews and have mixed emotions. I love fruit and don’t need salt in my diet anyway. I’m willing to make sacrafices in the pusuit of looking and feeling better. I’ve been there and done that when it comes to diets. However, I’m ready to commit and follow through with this program. will update at a later time.

  21. Hi. I’m going to download ur report but its really exciting to hear about everyone’s results I’m about 100lbs over weight I’ve always struggled w my weight when I was younger and now I have 2 children and I want to be a good example for them. I had lost 46 lbs on on the metabolic weight loss plan but it was so expensive it worked great but I couldn’t stick w it forever. So I’m really hoping that ur report will help me and I plan to order the 6wbm with all the great reviews I believe it will fit with my schedule.

  22. I lost 71 pounds in 12 weeks 2 days. How did I do it? Simple. I stopped drinking soda (coke) and drank H2O (water). Is that all I did? YES!! I traded drink for drink. I used to grab a 16 oz bottle of coke as soon as I got up in the morning. Switched: I drank 16 oz of water instead. I’d have another 2-3 bottles of coke or pepsi before leaving the house. I’d stop at the store and grab another 20 oz bottle of soda before going to eat breakfast. (switched to 20 oz bottle of water) at the restaurant, I’d order a glass of soda, order my food, drink the soda get another to drink with my food. (again drank water instead of coke) Get a go cup of soda (water). go to work, drink 1-2 more bottles of soda before lunch. (water). Go to lunch, where I would order a foot long sub, chips/cookies medium coke/pepsi (22oz) drink 2-3 cups of said soda, eat sub and cookies or chips leave with another medium cup of soda. (after the first couple days of drinking the water, I could only eat a 6 inch sub, no chips or cookies.) by the end of 1 week, I was ordering a 3 inch sub and 2-3 medium cups of water. See where I’m going with this? (A greasy hamburger and fries do not taste good with water. you NEED soda to get rid of that greasy taste.) I’d drink another 2-3 bottles of soda that I switched to WATER. It only took a few days of this switch to get it down to a science. No matter what, I drank as much water as I had been drinking of the soda. Go to an “all you can eat buffet”? I drank anywhere from 2-5 glasses of soda with my 2-3 plates full of food. When I switched to H2O, I found all I wanted was 1 plate of my favorite food. When someone would ask me if that was all I was going to get, I’d say no, but this is what I want right now. I’d just never felt like going back for that next plate of food. I realized I had been drinking as much as 3 gallons of soda a day. that with all the food I ate, maintained my weight. Remember, I switched glass for glass, soda to water I was now drinking 2-3 gallons of water daily. (I didn’t notice that I had lost weight till my son told me an outfit I had worn 1 week before looked “stupid” on me. I went and looked in the mirror and sure enough, you could have put 2 of me in the outfit.) I Had a size 24 jacket that had fit me. I put it on and it just hung on me. I jokingly told my 17 year old gymnastic son to get in the jacket with me, he did and we could zip it up!! Talk about AMAZING!! I went to a local dress shop (Cato’s) and tried on a beautiful white crushed crepe dress, I bought that and a pair of red high heels.I was a knockout!! I had gone from a size 24/26 to a 16 in just 93 days. From a 44DD bra to a 36DD. I felt great and got so many compliments. I didn’t switch from soda to water to loose weight, but that was a wonderful bonus that God gave me. I switched because my doctor told me she considered me just as much a diabetic as if I was an insulin dependent diabetic. 4 months after loosing the weight, I went to my oldest grandson’s first birthday party at McDonalds in Orlando FL. My daughter in law had only known me as over 220 lbs. She didn’t recognize me at first, ( I kept getting in her way when she tried to go around me) All of a sudden, she looked me in the face, she was speechless for about 10 seconds than she started screaming. Everyone in the place just looked to see what was going on and my family came running and hugging me. I had been over 220 pounds for about 15 years. I’m telling you this hoping it will give me the incentive to go back to drinking water. I no longer drink soda, but sweet tea. I am 61 years old and currently 304 pounds. My name is Darlene DeVore. I have 4 wonderful sons and 12 beautiful grandchildren. I want to be around to have great grandchildren and see them grown. I know that if I don’t loose at least 180 pounds, I don’t believe I’ll be there for them. My weight when I lost the 71 pounds, was 258 pounds. Now I have to lose almost 60% of my body weight. I haven’t weighed 121 pounds since I was about 16 years old. I’m only 5’3″. Oh, by the way, when one drinks lots of water it will literally wash the fat out of their body. Granted, I was 46 when I lost the weight I kept it off for 5 years. I went back on soda and the weight came back with a vengeance. It took 12 weeks to take off 71 pounds and 12 years to put on that 71 and another 56 pounds. I’m not looking to take it off overnight, but I’m believing for 5 pounds a week average, that means about 36 weeks.

    • Darlene – I applaud the fact that you were able to stop your soda addiction and to lose so much weight, but I was shocked to read about how much soda you used to drink. I thought I was bad, but I only drink three cans a day, at the most. It is no surprise that you were able to lose so much weight in such a short amount of time, because you had a drastic drop in calories. So, you don’t lose the “taste” for soda, after switching to water? I hope you were able to find the motivation needed to return to substituting water for soda. Good luck!

  23. This is a scam. They charged me for items I didn’t want. Called customer service within 1 minute of placing the order because items were included that I didn’t want and the address was incorrect. The gentleman said he could help. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor, he refused and hung up. I called back and talked to a different customer service representative.
    I was informed that she couldn’t help me, because they didn’t see the order number for 24 hours. The same reason the first customer service representative gave me. However, the second customer service individual, Mikea, assured me that they could address the problem if I called back after 7:00 am PST the next day. I pleaded to talk to have my call transferred to a supervisor and she refused also.
    I called at 7:04 the next day and the customer service individual said he couldn’t help me.
    I wouldn’t have mind paying the $120.00 for the program, but I was charged $300.00.
    Do not order this product online! It is a scam and the customer service will not help you if there is a problem.

  24. I was on the program to the letter for 2 weeks. Nothing. I cooked the way I wanted (like adding the oil and salt. No oil? Really? Saltless fish or rice? Who does that?) and lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks. So the depriving yourself of salt and oil isn’t the case. Think about it, way back in the day back in Bible times, they ate salt and oil all the time, and most of them weren’t overweight. So it just goes back to portion control, portion control, portion control, eating small meals often, doing cardio often, and weight/resistance training, which you don’t need to pay $100 to realize.

  25. 6 Week Body Makeover does work. It’s a great guide to help you lose weight if you have a hard time knowing what to do. Doing this diet I lost over 100 lbs in 6 months and I didn’t even follow it exact. There were many days I lost 2 lbs. My body was so use to getting thousands of calories a day and when I ate the food suggested it cut the calories down tremendously while filling me up.

    If you extremely overweight and needs something to organize you weight loss, then the 6 Week Body Makeover will be for you. It worked for me, my brother in-law and my mother in-law.

  26. Well, I see more pro’s than con’s! I just received the 6wbm and am very excited to start it tomorrow. They did promise me to upgrade the delivery to express delivery which still took 11 days but, I am not doubting it is still a good program. I do think it is logical that everyone metabolizes food differently so no “ONE DIET” will work for everyone the same way. It makes total sense to me that each body type needs a different type of eating regimine. I began preparing my foods today to last for a few days to get a jump start for the week. I consider tomorrow to be the 1st day of the “new me” and I can’t wait to re-post my progress in 6 weeks. Wish me luck but prayers are more appreciated!

  27. I have used this program and it definitely works I tried it originally about 9years ago and reached my goal. I used to exercise. About 60 minutes for lseveral months and was able to loose 15 lbs in over six months. But then I stopped loosing without any diet. Once I started this diet with in six weeks I lost the remaining 22 pounds. I could not have reached my goal without this diet. it also makes sense from medical stand point as well. My wife used the same program and was able to loose about 40 pounds. It is a difficult diet to stick toeventhough I have maintained my weight in reasonable limit. This year I gained some weight so we purchased the program again and this will work. It is definitely worth doing and if one can stick to the plan it will work.

  28. I must be insane then …. for 5 years I was 100 pounds over weight after having a baby. I tried every thing fron gyms and calorie counting to doctors visits and nutritionist , I saw the info mercial on the 6 week body makeover buy one second 1/2 off IT WORKED not only did I lose 60+ lbs my gal friends lost 40….. so there are two very metobolicly different people with amazing results! I have kept it off now for 4 years……

  29. I love the 6wbm. I have been on the program for 3 years. And yes by eating well and building your metabolism, the weight comes off. In the beginning I was so big I couldn’t exercise, so I am grateful this program to the pressure off. Now that I lost 130 lbs. and going. i can walk, run, do weight training, and all kinds of stuff I couldn’t do before. Am I happy, yes


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