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Don’t Buy a Weight Loss or Diet Product Until You Read This…

It just really bristles my fur to see the bad guys messing with people who just want to lose weight and feel better! They know that people like us (who have weight issues) are vulnerable, and they use that against us.

Because I have simply had enough, the “Pack” and I do some investigating so you don’t get ripped off.

Now some products do make it through the Hound filter, but most of them attain the dubious distinction of landing in the Health Hound’s Dog House!

Health Hound Weight Loss Product Reviews

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Realdose Formula 1

When one of my pack members recommended I take a look at this new weight loss supplement called Formula No. 1 from RealDose Nutrition… I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it…Click Here To Read The Investigation on Realdose Formula 1



Athletic Greens

If you want to lose weight, one thing you should eat a lot of is green vegetables. BUT getting enough greens is a hard thing to do. Not to mention the fact that green vegetables aren’t the tastiest food on the planet.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Athletic Greens



Healthe Trim

Healthe Trim is an herbal supplement for weight loss that despite making many (often outrageous) claims, no data or research has been released to support these claims. Healthe Trim also contains potentially dangerous ingredients including HCA.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Healthe Trim




Boy oh Boy! LeanSpa has it all: acai berry, chromium, green tea, garcinia cambogia! All the latest and greatest in weight loss supplements. Finally, the miracle you’ve been seeking…or is it?Click Here To Read The Investigation on the LeanSpa




Lipozene is a diet pill that claims it’s “clinically proven to reduce body fat” and claims to have done numerous clinical studies to back this up. To date, no clinical studies have been published  by Lipozene’s maker, Obesity Research Institute LLC (who was also fined 1.5 million dollars by the FTC for making misleading claims about weight loss.)Click Here To Read The Investigation on Lipozene




Zylotrim is manufactured & sold by Obesity Research Institute LLC, the same company who makes Lipozene and the story behind Zylotrim plays out much like Lipozene does. They make many claims about this product but they don’t publish any data to back it all up.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Zylotrim



The Slim Form Patch

Slim Form Patch is a weight loss aid used as you would use a nicotine patch to deliver the weight loss ingredients throughout the day.Click Here To Read The Investigation on The Slim Form Patch




Some dogs like to chase the Mailman, but the government representative that raises this hound dog’s hackles is the FDA! Being a major advocate of healthy and natural weight loss, hearing about the recent endorsement by the FDA of the prescription obesity drug Qnexa, was enough to warrant a closer investigation.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Qnexa




Sensa are packets of “tastant crystals” that you supposedly sprinkle on your food to help you eat less. Sensa marketing relies heavily on their “studies” however ABC’s 20/20 debunked these. Sensa is fraudulent in nature and also has a bad customer service reputation.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Sensa




If you have been anywhere near a TV during the last decade, you have seen commercials for Hydroxycut. Hydroxycut is one of the most famous fat burners advertised. They claim that if you take two caplets twice a day you will burn fat, have increased energy, and lose weight.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Hydroxycut


Exercise Videos & Programs

Fat Burning Furnace

When I heard that a former part-time musician was selling a fat loss course that was actually GOOD… I was skeptical. A lot of courses I’ve reviewed are written by doctors or certified trainers. But this guy was a former part-time musician… and HE has the information to help people lose weight?Click Here To Read The Investigation on Fat Burning Furnace



Fat Loss Time

I was recently sniffing through a weight loss forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a course by the name of Fat Loss Time.

So as usual, I had to check it out. Here’s what I found…

Click Here To Read The Investigation on Fat Loss Time




Truth About Abs

Most of the courses I review are somehow related to weight loss. And this one is no different. But the way it IS different is that it’s presented as a six pack abs course (or flat abs if you’re a woman).Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Truth About Abs



Ab Strength Guide

I was recently sniffing through a certain weight-loss forum when I came across a post by someone giving praise to a certain course by the name of “Ab Strength Guide.”Click Here To Read The Investigation on Ab Strength Guide




By now, you have all seen the infomercials for the P90x. They are famous for making the claim that you can attain a complete body transformation in just 90 workouts.Click Here To Read The Investigation on P90X



Insanity Workout by Beach Body

You’ve probably seen the infomercials… maybe late at night after you’ve just eaten a bag of chips and had a few beers.Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Insanity Workout




Zumba is a Latin-based dance exercise program… Think Hip Hop Abs, south of the border. It’s a lot of fun and people seem to be loving it (to the point of DVD shortages and slow shipping), but does it work?Click Here To Read The Investigation on Zumba



Hip Hop Abs

Shaun T has all the moves to present a great looking ab program. I mean, who doesn’t want a fun way to work off the bulge and end up with a ripped sexy core. BUT, will you be able to bust a move and find the same results as the sexy peeps on the infomercial?Click Here To Read The Investigation on Hip Hop Abs



Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels claims she is America’s toughest trainer and can help you lose weight. She says she will provide you with nutrition guidelines, exercises to do at home-no gym required, and motivation to keep you moving.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Jillian Michaels



Meal Replacement


Medifast has been recommended by more than 20,000 doctors since its inception nearly 25 years ago. This meal replacement program has helped thousands lose weight and even maintain weight loss.Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Medifast



Right Size Smoothies

Who doesn’t want an easy way to start your day with a healthy breakfast?Click Here To Read The Investigation on Right Size Smoothies




Nutrisystem is a weight loss program that delivers food right to your door. Eat the low-glycemic index meals and snacks six times a day and weight loss is sure to ensue.Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Nutrisystem



Jenny Craig

Valerie lost it and kept it off. Kirstie lost it and gained it back. Jenny Craig’s weight loss program has helped many folks lose weight, while others had a hard time with long-term results.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Jenny Craig



Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has certainly stood the test of time. Founded back in the late 1960’s, thousands of people have lost weight using this popular weight loss plan.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Weight Watchers



Hollywood Cookie Diet

Nothing complicated here folks. The Hollywood Cookie Diet is simply a meal replacement plan in which you eat 4 cookies for breakfast and lunch and then a sensible meal at dinner. The diet suggests you exercise as well.Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Hollywood Cookie Diet



Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet

Well, these aren’t exactly a scrumptious box of Girl Scout Cookies, they are special diet cookies created by Dr. Sanford Siegal during the 1970′s. Eat 6 cookies per day and a sensible meal in the evening and presto… weight loss to the tune of 15 pounds per month.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet



HCG Diet

Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) is the “pregnancy” hormone that home pregnancy tests detect in early pregnancy. It rises during the first 14 weeks of pregnancy and then goes back to normal levels.Click Here To Read The Investigation on HCG Diet



Skinny Switch

The infomercials for the Skinny Switch Diet look convincing. The ‘guru’ behind the diet is Rob Nevins. He says you can eat a planned diet for two days, and on the third day have a treat, then repeat this cycle…and lose weight. His infomercial says no exercise is necessary.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Skinny Switch



The Zone Diet

Seems The Zone is a little bit like cilantro… you either love it or hate it! So, what’s the deal with this extremely popular low carb, high protein plan? Does it work? Can you lose weight, keep it off and find better health?Click Here To Read The Investigation on The Zone Diet



6 Week Body Makeover

Michael Thurmond’s 6 Week Body Makeover claims you will lose up to 30 pounds and makeover your entire body in six weeks…Click Here To Read The Investigation on 6 Week Body Makeover




It was just a matter of time before Nopalea (pronounced “NO-pay-lee-uh” fancy name for prickly pear cactus), would be unveiled as the world’s next super ingredient in the world of Multi-Level-Marketing…Click Here To Read The Investigation on Nopalea



Food Lovers

Being a bit of a “Chow Hound,” I had to admit that a diet that said you could lose weight without giving up the foods you loved, really got my tail wagging! But that is exactly the claim made by the Food Lovers Diet. Of course I was a bit skeptical… turns out, my animal instincts were right on the nose!Click Here To Read The Investigation on Nopalea



Weight Loss Books

Eat Right For Your Type

What does blood type have to do with your ability to lose weight? Well, Dr. D’Adamo (naturopathic doctor) seems to think it has everything to do with it.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Eat Right For Your Type



Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is the creator of Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About as well as a weight loss book and other information products.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Kevin Trudeau



Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a high protein diet system (much like the first Atkins diet) created by Pierre Dukan in France that’s starting to make it’s waves across the world. Let’s see how it stacks up…Click Here To Read The Investigation on the Dukan Diet



Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About

As your trusted Health Hound, I had to sink my teeth into Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. There’s a reason this guy has sold over 6 million copies of his book… and it isn’t because it’s good!Click Here To Read The Investigation on Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You To Know About



Eat Right For Your Type

What does blood type have to do with your ability to lose weight? Well, Dr. D’Adamo (naturopathic doctor) seems to think it has everything to do with it. His diet plan, Eat Right for Your Blood Type, tells you what foods you should or shouldn’t be eating based on your blood type.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Eat Right For Your Type



The Weight Loss Cure

Well, I must admit. I did lose a little weight when I read about “The Weight Loss Cure ‘They’ Don’t Want You to Know About”…. From laughing my tail off! And not because Kevin Trudeau is a comical writer…Click Here To Read The Investigation on The Weight Loss Cure



South Beach Diet

Over 22 million have purchased the South Beach Diet. It would be impossible to tell you how many of those who bought the book have lost weight.Click Here To Read The Investigation on South Beach Diet



Acai Berry

What’s the deal? Does it work? Is this purple fruit THE weight loss miracle of this century? With all the scams associated with this miracle in a bottle, I had to sniff it out…Click Here To Read The Investigation on Acai Berry




We have reason to believe Aspartame, another artificial, chemical sweetener is potentially harmful. Not only that, but does this zero calorie sweetener used in diet products make you GAIN weight?Click Here To Read The Investigation on Aspartame



Slim Shots

Have you seen the Slim Shots commercials? The cartoon woman discusses how easy it is for her husband to lose weight while she struggles with weight no matter what she does. Enter Slim Shots. This little liquid drink (looks like a coffee creamer) will supposedly solve all your weight loss problems as a woman. But does it? I had to sniff this out… sounds too good to be true!Click Here To Read The Investigation on Slim Shots



Acai Max Cleanse

Well, here we are with yet another acai product. This time, in the form of a cleanse. Naturally, my hair bristled and my ears perked when I heard about Acai Max Cleanse.Click Here To Read The Investigation on Acai Max Cleanse



  1. Can you please review Purisalv a*k*a chia seeds? I keep reading up on it and see mixed results. Thank you! Your site has helped me avoid all these fakes deit supplements.

    • I’m not familiar with this brand, but chia seeds themselves are a very healthy addition to any diet. High in fiber and protein they can be added to anything you bake, or add them to smoothies, peanut butter (or almond butter), oatmeal, yogurt…and on and on. The possibilities are endless!

  2. Have you heard anything about Rasberry Ketones and weight loss. Dr Oz said on his show that it is the next great thing for losing weight.

      • Years ago there was the Liquid Protein diet, which consisted of replacing meals with a berry flavored goo that you mixed with water and drank twice a day. It would put your body in a state of ‘ketosis’ which caused rapid weight loss. It also made your breath smell horrible, made your skin feel like pins were running up and down it, and left you craving anything that looked edible.

        I hope this is not a variation of this.

  3. The Jillian Michaels 90 day body revolution program just came out and it shows great success stories. Have you investigated this program of Jillians yet? It is very costly but affective I’m not sure so, I need Henrys advice.

  4. I looked through the list of what you’ve investigated so far. I was wondering if you have plans to investigate Body by Vi/Visalus. They claim not only to help you lose weight, but supposedly it helps control or eliminate a myriad of health issues from heart disease and arthritis to insomnia. A Google search brings up quite a few results that it’s a scam, but I also know some who have had success using it. To me, it seems quite expensive. I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts.

  5. I don’t suppose anyone has heard about Fast BreakWeight Loss ?
    I’ve tried looking for reviews and such but can’t find ANYTHING about it. Seems rather weird, that there’s no information yet. Maybe it’s just new or something.

  6. Has anyone heard of the Breathtaking Bride by Sarah Jenks, program? She claims that you can lose weight by drinking wine, eating cheese and dancing in your underwear..oh yes and being happy. Then the weight will melt off .. She doesn’t appear to be a nutritionist or sports physiologist . She has a fancy web site and charges lots of money for her advice. Her methods appear to be contrary to scientific or practical weight loss programs. Is this another weight loss scam or are her methods for real? I’d love to eat, drink and be merry to lose weight ..but really?

    • If all you’re eating is cheese and wine, I’d say we can all agree that this is not a healthy diet. Your body needs protein, veggies (fiber), etc to stay alive. Dancing in our underwear and drinking wine all day may sound fun, but…as you said, ‘Really?’ I’d have to have more info.

  7. Do you have any comments on Neuropathy Support Formula? The web site states that these pills, which contain mutipal vitamins can help calm the nerve pain caused by neuropthy. I am getting desparate, pain medication is no longer working.

    • Dear Bernadette,

      I started with nerve damage around 2003 with no help from doctors as to why this was occurring or what I could take to help with the situation. I eventually found Neuropathy Support formula on the internet and almost immediately after taking the product, felt a calming of the nerves and have also been using their Nerve Repair Optimizer but still go back to Neuropathy Support formula which has the Alpha Lipoic Acid and B1 and B12. I couldn’t live without it and have not found anything better yet. Give it a try and God bless…………

  8. How promising is this Dr. Michelson Bodycological “Dead Sea Slimming Patch”
    Is this another money making skeem or not???

  9. Has anyone heard anything about Levodyn? Its supposed to naturally lower your blood pressure with herbs and supplements. Any comments will be helpful

  10. Have you done any investigation of super beta prostate? We see ads on tv for this all the time – does it work? Is it safe? Is is just another MLM thing?

  11. Has anyone ever tried AF Plus. I ordered it and started taking one capsule a day. Giving me energy thus far is the only results I’ve noticed. I’m still fat and sassy.

  12. What do you know about REALW8? I tried looking it up and the program seems almost cult like, I can’t determine if it is real or fake because there is no reviews on anything and the only thing I could find was page after page of testimonies. Can you please let me know is this something worth spending that amount of money on? Thank you!

  13. Has anyone tryed SafSlim Delicioous Tangerine Cream Fusion? It is made by a company called Re Body. Was offered this a health food store tasted good but wondered if it was good and if it worked? It is a dietary supplement.

    • I purchased a bottle because my daughter said it worked for her. A few hours after taking the first dose, I broke out in hives on my face. It must be from the Safslim, I didn’t eat anything different. It’s 24 hours later, and the hives are still on my face even though I took some Benadryl. One of the cautions on the Safslim website is that safflower is a ragweed, and can cause allergic reactions. Thank goodness Vitamine Shoppe is willing to take the bottle back and give me a store credit.

      • Thank you and sorry to hear that. I am very glade that didn’y hapen to me when I tryed the sample.

    • Koralina,
      It’s actually a very good program–but remember it is a workout with a schedule that must be adhered to if you want to see results. It’s an exercise program that is tough, but fun. Good luck with it!

  14. I want to.know if Roca Labs plan works. is supposed to substitute like a bypass surgery. take up stomach spaceonly have like 20 percent of your stomach left so you’re not hungry


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