Can “Sensa” Really Help You Lose Weight?

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Sensa claims that if you sprinkle their salt (“Tastant” Crystals) on your food, you will end up eating less – and therefore lose a bunch of weight. Although the idea sounds kind of strange, their presentation and the credentials of the developer (Dr. Alan Hirsch) seem impressive.

However, after receiving numerous requests from the pack, I decided to do a little sniffing around. And the results aren’t exactly pretty…

Sensa’s Claim

Dr. Hirsch claims there was a peer reviewed study supporting the claim that subjects lost over thirty pounds using Sensa (versus the control group that lost only 2 pounds). The claim is that this study was peer reviewed by the Endocrine Society.

The Problem with Sensa’s Claim (Dishonesty)

The Endocrine Society says they did not review the study. On ABC’s 20/20 news they stated that, “they were surprised and troubled by the promotional nature of his presentation”. In fact, none of the internal “studies” are confirmed by any respectable body.

More Bad NewsFor Sensa…

And the not so great news about Sensa doesn’t stop there. In response to those who have accused Sensa of not being open with the science that supports the idea behind their “Tastant crystals”, they have finally posted links to their research on their website. Under the “clinically proven tab” visitors are taken to a page that summarizes the results of Dr. Hirsch’s study called “Weight Reduction Through Inhalation of Odorants”, where he reported to have found “some correlation between odorants and weight loss.” At the bottom of that page you can find a link to the entire published study.

But if you took the time to follow that link, (and don’t worry the Hound already has!) You would find that Hirsch’s subjects used an inhaler to administer the smells in very concentrated doses, directly into the nasal passages, which is nothing like the tiny sprinkle packs they sell. The study also says that his subjects often used the inhaler up to 288 times a day! The study was only conducted over six-months, which is generally regarded as pretty short to be statistically relevant. Most such trials are run for a year or more.

Also, the study states that the appetite suppressing smells only worked on certain types of people that were pre-qualified for the trial. Those that:

  • Had a great sense of smell.
  • Only ate 2-4 times a day.
  • Felt bad about overeating but good about themselves overall.

At the end of the study the doctor himself states that there “may be some benefit to smells if coupled with a nutrition and exercise program.” I couldn’t agree more, but you could get the same results sprinkling little packets of blue cheese on every meal if you coupled that with a “proper nutrition and exercise program” – and you would save yourself 300.00!

Plus the Sensa website itself lists these possible side effects of using the product:

  • Upset stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Hives
  • Gas
  • Loose bowels
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Swelling

And those are just the ones that the company will admit to, others that have been reported but that they deny, range from rectal bleeding, intestinal blockages, and gall bladder issues.

And, finally, customers simply don’t appear to be happy. Please go through the comments below. It appears Sensa’s free trial offer is kind of tricky. It is not only on this blog, but all over the web… Community doesn’t lie.

So aside from not losing weight, people are getting charged $89 not once, but twice before they are able to stop the billing. And getting a refund doesn’t seem to be that easy. As reported by rip off report 

In short, it appears to be one of those over aggressive marketing organizations that I love so much.

So What Can You Do to Curb Your Cravings and Lose Weight?

I wish I had a magic bullet for you (I am not creative enough to make up a word like, “tastant crystal”). My understanding is that there are some behavioral therapies that can work if the problem is emotional. But a lot of my pack has found that cravings are often caused by eating the wrong foods. If you start eating the right foods, most cravings go away on their own.

Which brings me to my “11 foods that fill you up without fattening you up” report. Which you can get right here:

[hcshort id=”27″]

No magic fairy weight-loss crystals here, folks. Nope. I’m giving you the opportunity to learn which foods can help you eat less… and NO they aren’t disgusting either.

This is all my gift of good health to you… will you take advantage of this gift?



  1. Although Sensa sounds so great there is no way you can continue to eat fast food, fry foods and anything you can and still loose weight. Its so tempting since it looks like an easy way out, but dont fall for it. I have been on weight watchers for about a month and i’ve lost 15 lbs! Its not a diet, it teaches you to eat healthy. There are plenty of easy recipes that will help you and taste great and not like diet food. I had done all those diets out there like plenty of you have and this is the one thing that has helped and I LOVE IT!!! I encourage everyone to try it!

  2. Sorry guys but this I would recommend to everyone. I wanted to lose a small amount of weight. I am a very small frame and am not overweight but have problems with my midsection. I am the kind of person that will eat a full plate of spaghetti FOR BREAKFAST!. I only weigh about 110 lbs but still looked paunchy in certain areas. It works. They told me not to give up if I didn’t see results right away and it did take about 4 months for this to start working. I ate regularly…cookies, pasta whatever and I lost exactly what I wanted to. I had to stop because my stomach started to bother me a little. I called them and they said a few people have a bit of a reaction to this but it’s rare. All I know is…I recommend it to EVERYONE. I know I was eating less and my weight went to where I wanted it. I am back to my paunchiness now and am unhappy I can’t use this again. But if you can DO!

    • I’m not sure anyone that only weighs 110 should be using weight lose products…sounds like a few toning exercises would be more appropriate?

  3. I bought it about a month ago and have not used it yet ,so I will begin using it tommorrow I have nothing to lose other then weight right? wish me luck everyone, I will check back here in a month and see what the outcomes are.

  4. I found Sensa at Cosco and since it was much cheaper then their website I decided to give it a try. I have only been on it for one week so it is a little to early to say for sure, but so far I am totally surprised. I find myself eating half the amount (or even less) I normally would and still feel totally satisfied. In one week I have lost 5 pounds, and yes I know that is probably just water weight, it is still a start. Obviously I know that I still have to make healthier food choices and make it to the gym three days a week, but I was doing that before with no results.

  5. guys does sensa really work..i see yes and no in a lot of comments but i need to start losing and some members of my family are doing this biggest loser competition..whoever is participating gives $25 to whoever is in charge of the competition and we started this competition monday and i haven’t lost anything yet..i don’t use sensa but i’m thinking about it..but who ever in my family loses the most weight by july 4 wins all the money so it’s a lot of money and i want it..haha..but seriously i need some answers..does sensa really work?

  6. The Sensa Costumer Service is TERRIBLE! I am writing this review here because Sensa doesnt have the option on their webpage and I can imagine why… so hard to edit out all the negative comments. In all due respect I would like to tell all the new Sensa customers to be careful about using this product. I ended up paying S&H for my free trial and postage to sent it back and still got charged full price only later to be brushed off by the customer service representatives…

    The customer Service is the worst… and I am not the only one who thinks so I have been reading many other online reviews and you will see… most disappointing of all is that in despite of consistency in using the product it did not work… AT ALL!!! This is the biggest rip off EVER. This is the very FIRST time I give a negative review like this… believe me… Don’t waste your money!!

    • thank you for the commentary about sensa s customer service..I started to do the free sample thing but didnt finish the application when I found out it wasnt free..I dont know how because like I said I didnt finish, but they got my phone number and called me three times to try to convince me to try their sample. Can they get your phone number from an incompleted application? My theory is that the information goes in as you type it so be careful with bank information.

  7. As far as the sensa ad, I was going to order this product,because it said FREE ,but then as you put your information in you find out it’s not FREE,they should not be allowed to put FREE if it is not. I declined their offer
    thanks sandy

  8. I purchased Sensa one week ago at Costco. I have been using it on “almost” everything I eat. I felt like it was not working because I did not feel full as advertised I would. But it did stop cravings between meals. I have not changed anything as far as diet or exercise. Perhaps just gave up my once a day snacking on dry cereal (Quaker Oatmeal Squares). Continued my glass of wine with dinner & ice cream for dessert 2 times this week. Since I had not changed anything, I did not expect to see results this first week. Surprisingly, I lost 3 pounds and .4% body fat. I will add Sensa to everything this week and drink more water (I’m really bad about this-I tend to go an entire day without drinking water). I will also add some walks to my daily routine. My goal is to lose 12 lbs. I am 49 years old and 5’4″ tall. I started Sensa weighing 133.2. My problem is not weight it is the 32.4% of body fat. I REALLY need to start exercising to burn the fat. The weight loss is more motivational for me.

    • Try some supplements like CLA, or doves dark chocolate ( only small blocks a day ) , there is differnt supplents that will help trim the fat …

  9. Just to help out those about the not so free charge. Just call your credit card co. or bank. They remove unauthorized charges. I’ve done this many times.

  10. AWFUL customer service…. Was charged $89 for the trial. Sent back unused portion and tracked it… When I called, they claimed they hadn’t received my package and that the RMA number EXPIRED!!!! When I tracked my package, it was delivered on Feb 21. Was charged in April. They claim they never received it, and needed my tracking information… WHAT A JOKE!!! Luckily I found my tracking information, but now it’s going to take 7-10 business days to credit my account? RIGHT. This company is a JOKE. Not willing to work with me at all in expediting the process… Not cool, Sensa.

    • Had the same thing happen to me with Acai berry pills…a company out of Florida. I never got my money back. After that, I will not buy anything online again.

  11. Unfortunately, I did not research Sensa before “buying” the “free” trial online. I will definitely try it since I already bought it but, as one reviewer said, as soon as I am able to, I will cancel it. Even if I like it, I can always go to Costco or GNC to buy more, at apparently, a better price. THANKS for all the comments, good and bad.

  12. OK. I was going to try it, but now I’m not. Too many negatives. As someone said, if you sprinkle this on your fast food – well, you’re still eating greasy, salty or sugery fast food. That isn’t good for high blood pressure, diabetes and a lot of other diseases. Why not just eat healthy foods, maybe even whole foods, like from a Farmer’s Market 1/2 a mile from my home? Now THAT will help my total health and most likely my weight too. I will try eating healthy on my own, but if I can’t – I’ll probably try Weight Watchers. Seems like it’s a healthy program. I want to get myself to it’s youngest, most vibrant self that I can be, even though I’m a retired senior citizen!

  13. I started using the product yesterday at lunchtime. I bought it at GNC. I felt full after eating much less than I normally do. Today, I wasn’t hungry at all until around 3 pm. I had a very small breakfast and hardly any lunch. I was, however, quite hungry at 3 pm and had a snack. I had a salad for dinner and a small cup of ice cream and feel completely satisfied. I didn’t sprinkle it on the salad because I didn’t want to feel too full on a salad. I did put it on the ice cream. I am eating a lot less than I usually do. At this rate, I am not sure how I can’t lose weight. Regarding the GI problems some people experience, it’s the Maltodextrin. It causes some people to have stomach issues (look it up).

  14. It amazes me that so many people fall for this thing. How does it work? Why does nobody as this simple question? They claim it “alters your brain” so that the brain does not crave more food. A brain altering substance, that isn’t even FDA approved? Who in their right mind would that put in their body? And how does it alter your brain? No explanations, nothing. It is clear that it must be a scam, just why are so many people so gullible to fall for this sort of thing over and over again.

  15. first packages of sensa lost 12 lbs in 33 days put on weight with second set of packages gained 5 lbs. what happened

  16. I gave them a pre-paid as well and just got an email that my free trial was being sent… Hmmm… thinking of canceling out this card now and getting a new one.

  17. i just ordered this via phone and debit– changed mind after i got home and read reviews. i call customoer svc. no help. tried their website. no help.. i dont have a confimation number.. whats my next FAT step?? anyone?

    • Contact your bank and request it be blocked. If your bank won’t block the transaction, wait for the product to arrive and refuse to accept as a return to sender THEN CONTACT YOUR BANK and request a dispute.

    • I had a similar problem with a different product …was to receive a 2 week supply and could cancel within 30 days.. I received 3 a day supply so called customer service to cancel and this person had such a heavy Indian accent that I couldn’t understand her at all so I called my bank and asked to decline my visa transaction. Apparently this is not an uncommon practise with these free trail companies to bill you regardless. My bank cancelled my visa immediately and a new one was issued. She told me I was fortuneate to have done something as soon as I did because she said many times it will take 2-3 billings before people realize they are still being charged and recommends people check their accounts frequently for any suspicious billings . Needless to say I will NEVER try a free sample product that is on line , even a money back guarantee one.

    • You can’t try using sprinkle toppings that taste like things you shouldn’t be eating and expect that to stop your cravings lol!!! You have to start retraining your body to enjoy things like strawberries instead of a snickers it is a process and it will take some time but if you stay faithful you will eventually clean out your system and you won’t have cravings for nasty fake foods 🙂

      • I never comment on these things but Robyn, you are so right. I have not tried Sensa, but saw the commercial for the product on TV while watching (um, this is embarrassing) Sister Wives. Anyway.. I had to Google it and see what the word on the street was. I was recently on a weight gain bonanza and was eating things like pizza, cheeseburgers, soda, candy, and assorted other delicious and unhealthy things on my way through Time Square after a shift working in a restaurant. Of course I am exhausted and I feel somewhat entitled (long night, lots of running around) and all of these foods are available at all hours. I was actually surprised (HA!) when I gained around 10 pounds in 3 months. I moved away from the city and into a house with my brother who is consistent with his diet and follows a fairly strict low glycemic index food regime. I was really ready for a change and took the opportunity to start with a clean slate (no processed foods in the house, etc.) I am about 3 weeks into my new eating and exercising routine and I can honestly say my cravings have seriously diminished. I have been eating tons of veggies, lean protein, complex carbs (very little bread, or none at all), lots of fruit for snacks. I have a bowl of grapes in front of me now as I type this. This is a dramatic change from the slice of Sicilian pepperoni pizza that would have been my after dinner snack only 1 short month ago. I feel better. I look better. I have more energy. I have lost weight. Real weight. 8 pounds or so. The really amazing thing for me is how much less I need the garbage!!

  18. Hey, for some people it works and some it doesn’t. It’s not a placebo. It has something that suppresses appetite. If I eat too much food with this stuff on it, it makes me feel seriously nauseated. I think its got something in it that gives a slight aversion to food. I ate a really small lunch and for a few hours the thought of food seriously grossed me out. Has anyone else had this happen? Also, if I overeat after using the sprinkles, I get bad gas and bloating. If I eat smaller amounts, it doesn’t happen.

    • while i haven’t used sensa those symptoms are normal for an appetite suppressant. my doctor prescribed an appetite suppressant pill for me a few years ago and it helped a lot in that way of making you feel sick if you ate too much or if you skipped a meal so it forces you to basically eat three properly sized meals a day. I’d imagine sensa works in the same exact way it’s just been refined so that it’s tasteless and can be put on food.

    • My Sensa arrived this week and I started using it yesterday. I have experienced similar results to JoAnne. After eating just a few bites I’m no longer hungry and put away the balance of food on my plate. I also noticed the gassiness. I imagine if I continue like this I’ll lose weight simply by eating less.

    • I started taking SENSA around a month ago; was charged around $89.00 right away even though it was supposed to be a “trial run”. After two weeks I started to feel nauseated every day and realized the only thing I did that was new or different was taking SENSA. Sooooo, I cancelled (asked for a confirmation #) and after a week, the nausea STOPPED! Now, let’s see if I get charged again even though I cancelled; if I do, I will call my bank.

  19. It sounds like if you want to try this, buy it at GNC or Costco. I purchased it at GNC for $89 and it was buy one, get one 50%off. I bought one for myself and one for my husband. I also bought GNC’s gold card for $15 which gave me 20% off the total cost. I am not looking for a miracle weight loss product, but something that will curb the cravings that keep me going to the fridge and pantry all the time. I hope this does the trick.

  20. Well, i went to local Rite Aides and gave them over 80.00 dollars in Feb. for 2 months supply of Sensa. I just finished it I lost a whole 2 lbs, and even added exercise to my program. I dont understand how programs like the Today Show, will allow this scams to advertise on their show..

  21. Purchased 1st 2 months of sensa at GNC for 89.00. lost 5 lbs the 1st week, then nothing. I’m on the 1st wk of 2nd month. Hoping to lose at least another 5.. Need to drop at least 50 lbs. Belly fat is the biggest problem.. So far no side affects of using this. like I have read. Started filling out the on line order form then changed my mind after clicking “next”. Even with no info provided they called every day for a week & sent emails to get me to try their product FREE.

  22. AWFUL customer service…. Was charged $89 for the trial. Sent back unused portion and tracked it… When I called, they claimed they hadn’t received my package and that the RMA number EXPIRED!!!! When I tracked my package, it was delivered on Feb 21. Was charged in April. They claim they never received it, and needed my tracking information… WHAT A JOKE!!! Luckily I found my tracking information, but now it’s going to take 7-10 business days to credit my account? RIGHT. This company is a JOKE. Not willing to work with me at all in expediting the process… Not cool, Sensa. They are horrible. I am so disappointed. This is the biggest SCAM I’ve ever seen! BUYER BEWARE!

  23. same thing here…I have used sensa for almost a month and haven’t seem to lose weight but yet it stopped the craivings. my trail is gonna end in a few days and I dont know what to do if I should start paying and continue using it or just stop using this and return it.

  24. I tried it for 4 months and was exercising and eating right and lost nothing. It did more than though, I began having other problems, constipation,bloating, and other issues. I even had to go to my doctor, I found that when I quit using the Sensa in a matter of a week my bodily functions returned to normal. It was an expensive and bad idea.

  25. It always amazes me how people want a quick fix, as others have stated there is no magic bullet. Are you going to live on this stuff, what happens when you go off it? It will get costly. Eat sensibly and move, drink more water take multivitamin. Besides why put something in your body that is not FDA approved frightening!!!! It is ashame what advertisers and society does to people to make them feel so desperate… So sad, why can’t we all except oursleves and be happy with who we are?

  26. I have been on sensa for about 3 weeks now, and I have lost about 7 lbs and about an inch or 2 from my waist. I am also doing zumba about 2 times a week. But after reading these reviews, i think i will just train myself to eat less, and continue to excercise. First thing tomorrow, I am going to cancel my sensa, and my credit card, just in case of any fancy business.

  27. Did not order Sensa on line, because I found the price and the free trial to be confusing. Think I’ll check w/my Dr., first since there are so many bad reviews out there. Years ago I tried chocolate candy like things that you ate before meals. This did work , does anyone know would this be the same thing????

    • the product from years ago was called Ayds…it was a tootsie roll type product that you were supposed to eat right before a meal. The sensa product is supposed to be crystals that swell in your stomach.

  28. I bought Sensa at the GNC store for $89.00. I have been using it for about 2 months now. My diet is very low in fat, usually vegetarian. I exercise at least 4 times a week, mostly tredmill walking. The point is, I have not lost a single pound, actually gained a few! I am no longer going to use Sensa. For me, it did not work.

  29. Within 30 days (not 60 as advertised) sensa charged me $96.13 twice! When I called to find out how to cancel this and stop the shipments the customer service rep was mean to me. She said, and I quote “Don’t get mad at me cause you don’t know what the f@%k is going on”. How sad.
    The product also doesn’t work.

    • She should be fired for talking to you that way….not acceptable at all. Pretty tacky. Sorry it did not work for you, I have not tried it. Doubt I will!

      • The rep also said that her Supervisor would call back within 24-48 hours. That never happened. I’ve shipped them all their product back, lets see if I get my money back…. I’m guessing by the way they’ve treated me so far, that it’ll be a battle.

      • If anyone has been charged by these people and used a debit or credit card contact your bank and let them know the charge was unauthorized. They should reverse the charge with no problem.


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