Nopalea: Magic desert juice or clever marketing?

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It was just a matter of time before Nopalea (pronounced “NO-pay-lee-uh” fancy name for prickly pear cactus), would be unveiled as the world’s next super ingredient in the world of Multi-Level-Marketing…

It will cure… well, according to their marketing materials… just about anything. The mechanism is by cooling off our inflammation, hey who doesn’t want that?

Is Nopalea this century’s greatest health discovery or just another magical waste of your money? Let’s sniff it out!

The Claims

The Real Deal

Betalains in prickly pear figs (nopalea) have the ability to reduce inflammation and thus improve health. While betalains are beneficial (they inhibit a pro-inflammation enzyme called cyclooxygenase enzymes), it is unlikely that the proprietary blend has enough of these guys to reduce chronic inflammation. More on this below…
Betalains are rare phytochemicals found in only a few plants… ergo, we are all running around deficient of this “vital” nutrient… Betalains are found in the following plants:- Red & yellow beets
– Swiss chard
– Rhubarb
– Cactus fruits
– Spinach
– Amaranth
– Quinoa

So, maybe these aren’t all on a typical Western diet (but they could be)… I’m just sayin’… they ain’t exactly rare!

Each serving contains over 900 grams of their magnificent proprietary blend… 900 GRAMS??? In 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons)? An ounce of water weighs approximately 29 grams… Is this a typo, a lie or does this hound dog need a refresher course on measurements???? I’ve emailed them… we’ll find out.
Great opportunity to make money… Can you say MLM? Yup… multi-level marketing!


Is Nopalea Something Special?

Listen, I’m not doggin’ this company completely. I mean, they are partially correct about phytochemicals having anti-inflammatory properties… they also have antioxidant properties and hundreds of other beneficial health boosters.

BUT, they are contained naturally in all plants and really, a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is what you need. You can’t focus in on one phytochemical because they ALL work together to optimize health.

As mentioned above, I have to figure out how they got over 900 grams crammed into 2 tablespoons… this HAS to be a misprint. More importantly, because it is a proprietary blend… we have no way of knowing how much cactus is in this stuff!

Bottom line… Their proprietary blend does look healthy, BUT, it just isn’t enough to change your life the way they make it sound.

Expensive Juice…

At around $49 a bottle (32 servings) and a recommended 1-3 servings a day… this could cost you well over $100 a month. Unless of course you join the MLM and bug your friends and family to get into your… “Downline”…

Sorry, I don’t have any magic juice… just something REAL (and free) that actually works…

If you really want to find better health, prevent aging and lose weight, you don’t need an expensive supplement. No supplement in the world can counteract an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle or stress!

I have a 100% free report I’ve put together that teaches you several proven methods to lose weight and find better health. Your choice… expensive juice and the chance to be the next “MLM mill-ion-aire” (said like the dude in Slumdog Millionaire)… or a simple, free report that can point you down the REAL path to better health… (cue for you to click below…)

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I want to thank you for the weight loss report . I started on it 2/23/11 as of today I have lost 23 lbs. and feel great ! I am exercising and lifting weights along with the clean eating. This is the first plan that has helped me keep losing and not crave anything like I always did on other eating plans. again thanks for getting me on the right path I am so happy I found your website!”

Teri (Submitted on 2011/04/26 at 10:28 am)


Great download! I am a real skeptic – especially with downloads, but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by your write-up. It makes sense! A friend recommended Sensa and after reading your site, I am (once again) too skeptical to try.”

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  1. I have been using the Nopalea product for about 4 weeks and it seems to be working. I have a physical disability of CP and have had two back operations over the last year. The pain before using this product was awful and unbearable and most days I was in bed. But since I have started the product I have been able to decrease my medciations and have become more active again. The product maybe a bit costly but it is better than daily pain and medications with negative side effects.

  2. I’m surprised at all of the negative comments about Nopalea Juice I’ve seen hear, but I wanted to echo the feelings of most that have tried it. I will start by saying that I HATE taking medication, and I would try anything to avoid it. I was taking 600 to 1000 mg of ibuprofin a day because my ankles ached so much I could barely walk in the morning and evening. I needed to use the stair rail to get up the stairs at night to go to bed. This went on for almost two years- doctor said it was probably arthritis setting in, and I probably start getting used to it. I also had frequent headaches, not migraines but mostly annoying. At the time I was 49 years old. I heard about Nopalea from a guy I coach baseball with- he had chronic back pain and was impressed with the results. He showed me where I could get a couple of bottles to try (I actually ended up getting them on ebay). I’ve actually never seen the infomercials I hear several talking about. I started taking about 4 oz. a day, just took it all at once, usually in the morning before leaving for work. Within 3 weeks, virtually all pain was gone! It took me about a week later to stop and think about the fact I hadn’t felt any pain. I am getting an occassional deal on ebay, but I signed up to be a customer (I get the newsletter now) and order from them when I need it. Sorry, naysayers, I must say that I have been turned into a believer, no question.

  3. I have yet to try Nopalea, but a friend and I are planning to. She’s actually placing her order as I type… I’ll order mine this Friday. I’ve heard both good and bad things and I feel the only way for me to know who is lying to me is to try it myself. And since I’ve been wanting to…well. All of you who speak bad of this product accuse those who speak good of it as MLMs… but how do I know you guys aren’t paid to make this product look bad? Regardless, I will try it and I will be back in a month from Friday to let you know what I think – provided I remember. This is my first time to this site…. O_o

  4. nopalea- should be called dopelea. There is no scientific double blind studies on the efficacy of this product. You can achieve better results making it fresh on your own if you wish. A glass of V8 fruit drink and 2 advil would do more for inflamation reduction. Of course the people on the commercial and many online say it’s a miricle. they give crying testimonials. They are looking to get paid for selling it. It cost next to nothing to make and you will pay 140.00 plus for 4 bottles. Don’t spend your hard earned money on this snake oil. Unless you have no conscience and plan on selling it to friends and family. This company tru-vita should be ashamed, preying on really sick people is appauling. As with most pyramid selling the focus of this comapny is on marketing and sales. Only 3-5 % of the people selling make the real money. Why isn’t the focus on scientific proof?? The same way pharmaceuticals must prove the work!! Not just placebo effect. The people of the dessert who live on this product and stay pain free is because they do not eat American processed food. Ask your own Dr. or pharmacist about this. They will tell you it is utter BS. Unless you go to a chiropractor or someone who is not a real Dr. and is not selling the stuff. Why is it marjketed at 3-4am. If it worked phama companies would already have a generic brand on it. Wake up America!! A sucker is born evry minute, but again preying on the elderly and or sick-just wrong on so many levels!!

  5. People who buy Nopalea get exactly what they deserve…ripped off. They charge $49.00 a bottle for that crap. Nopal cactus fruit, or prickly pears, sell for 25 cents each at the grocery store.

    • $0.25 per fruit sounds like the way to go. Is there a site that tells me how to make the raw fruits into something like nopalea?

      • @F. Johnson – Yes. Get a juicer (Jack LaLanne’s) it is phenom! Plus, you can do so much more with it. Good luck!

  6. I heard about this wieght loss drink from a friend. She was ready to jump on it. I thought to good to be true. I hope anyone thinking about this new drink will be lucky enough to read this. I will be checking out your free plan. Thanks again for all your time & effort & advice. I been praying for help for LONG time. Maybe a answer I will now find.

  7. What a great cite! Some people have commented on the early morning commercials for these types of products. I wanted to inform that the advertising cost IS cheaper in the wee hours of the morning, BUT lucky for them…that’s where their most gullable veiwers are! HEALTHHOUND, I believeya’! Thanks, for helping us determine what is good for us! We need real direction right now to help us through this bleak, questionable, deppressive period of time in history where it seems not many people want to help beause they are so concerned about themselves! Bless you my brother, Bless you!

  8. Having read all these health claims about Napolea, I haven’t heard anything about what it does for the galbladder and kidney infection and how it could possibly help the kidney and galbladder from developing chronic diseases?

  9. I’ve had Epstein Barr for years now. Every time the virus becomes active I am completely wiped out and unable to move. I am getting the virus too frequent now and recently was told that I have fibromyalgia. For six months I have been in my bed and suffered with excrutiating pain, fatigue, fevers, joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, dizziness, numbness and tingling in my arms, and stomach pain. My mother had a box of Nopalea overnighted to my house on October 20th and I took 3oz immediately. I have been taking the recommended amount since I got it and yesterday October 23rd I woke up pain free. I don’t care what anyone has to say about this product in a negative way. Until you live with an illness that changes your quality of life in a negative way you will try and do just about anything to regain good health. Today is the second day that I am mobile and pain free. I am literally crying tears of joy because I couldn’t even care for my two year old daughter and it broke my heart. My suggestion to the person who wrote the negative feedback don’t knock something until you try it. My recommendation to the world, get it because it works!!!! If you suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, inflammation of any kind, or need energy Nopalea does work. What is really sad and discusting is how much I pay a month for healthcare or the rest of the world for that matter and the lack of care we actually get. Symptoms are treated but the actually root of the problem is overlooked. Paying a little over $100 is chump change to get the results that I did and to know that it’s actually healing my body is amazing to me. I feel like I got my life back.

    • Jr

      Iam so glad your feeling better! I have a similiar situation as you and feel like my like has been taken away…I just ordered but after reading the previous reviews it was heart breaking, then I read yours which gives me hope. I hope I get the same relief!

      Thanks everyone for the feedback it helps consumers with their choice

  10. I am a registered nurse and usually don’t try gimmicky types of advertised supplements. I did try the Nopalea for 2 months and very sad to say have not appreciated much of a change as I was hoping for. It is very expensive at $40/bottle for members. I will be continuing to do research for less expensive natural anti-inflammatories. I will eat beets more often and take 1500mg Vit C, drink plenty of water, get as much exercise as I can tolerate, take Tumeric, Milk Thistle, Calcium, Fish Oil, Glucosamine and Condroitin Reservatrol and limited salt, fat and sugar intake, get plenty of rest/sleep. Try eating more blueberries and cherries, grapes as well.

  11. If you go to the health food store & buy “Prickly Pear capsules” they are cheaper. “Prickly Pear” is the same thing they are selling in those expensive bottles. Why pay more. I researched it on the Internet & they are one & the same. The capsules do work. I have OA & RA plus fibromyalgia.

    • Good report. Thanks for the tips on betalains. I was just able to go buy fresh prickly pear at the grocery store. 4 good sized ones for $5.00. And, I live in Syracuse, NY…so I guess that is a lot cheaper and easier than buying juice off the TV.

    • Barb – Thank you so much for telling us about the prickly pear supplements! I live in TX, and we have tons of prickly pear cactus, but it is rare that you see them used in any food or drinks. Sounds like we need to start harvesting our cactus 🙂

    • Barb, have you tried the “prickly pear pills”, and if so did they work for you? I also suffer from fibromyaglia as well as 4 herniated disks in my back and neck that I have to take narcotics for. I would really like to not take this medicine anymore and get my life back.

  12. Certainly check out the 900 grams proprietary compound in 2 tablespoons of water. But be aware that if the product is dried and concentrated, it is very possible to supersaturate small amounts of a liquid with large amounts of solids, i.e. soluble powders. It kind of the reverse concept of putting 2 tablespoons of water in 2 cups of sand and having it all wet (not dripping of course).

  13. Hey everyone, thanks for the report about what prickly pears can do to help inflamation. I too suffer from arthritis pain and would not like to be taken advantage of for something I have no control over. So if I find a cheaper way to get relief from pain I would certainly take that path.

    • i tried nopelea for fybromialgiam took it for two months. it was very expensive and i felt no relief. now I am looking into novocur. sorry but is was like drinking cool aide. dont waist your money

  14. Hey, what’s funny is the so call fruit that’s so rare and can only be found in the desert is growing in my friend’s front yard on a cactus bush…Rare my a$$ 🙂

    • yes Lisa, go to a chinese fruit and veggie stand. I finally found one that sells it. Prickly Pears they are called. They have green and red. I buy my mom the red ones. I did buy my mother the Nopalea to take once in a blue. But the Prickly Pears are much cheaper and they really help her. Ps if you have a juicer you can make your own drink. Good Luck.

    • I found Henry just a bit late ,ordered two bottles,will get back to you.I’ll check with you first next time,i’ts good to know someones looking out for us. “thanx man”

  15. I did try this tasty juice and felt a little better than my normal but not enough to spend that kind of money routinely. What I did not like was being inundated not only with TriVita’s marketing-gone-wild but suddenly started getting health related advertising from a bunch of others who all have some doctor touting their breakthrough, proprietary something or other.

  16. My husband has horrible skin allergies where his skin get very inflamed, mainly on his back, legs and arms. We have seen numerous docs and have tried everything on the market, switched detergents, eaten local honey, changed to saltless softwater system and use zero chemicals in the house. Im wondering if this prickly pear pills or drink will possible help with reducing the rashes and inflammation so that he can be comfortable in his own skin???

    • I have found many natural cures for things, the vegies and fruits on our earth were made just for us, and even epsom salts is a cure for many things to do with skin disorders. The cucumber for instance gets rid of headaches, and even hangovers due to the nutrients in it. Inflammation is a major issue and even cinnamon and termeric ..these seasonings found in your grocery store in fact help and have been proven. Just look around you, also for colds, zinc and even the old remedy of vicks vapor rub on the feet for colds, and is safe even for infants, now how is that for great cures!

  17. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. It has attacked me pretty bad for my age. I am only 48. Have had it for over 25 years. My hands and feet are completely disfigured. When I get a flair, it sometimes attacks in my sternum area. It is so painful to move and breath. I have recently had a severe fall (running to help my son, when someone was trying to break into our home). I fell and landed on my chin. I have stitches in my chin, and I have a compound fracture in my jaw, and a piece of the jaw bone broke off and is floating. I am in extreme pain. the narcotics I take, unfortunately I have a high tolerance level, and they don’t work well. I do take Orencia once a month by infusions, but if you have any type of cold or fever, you can’t get the infusion. Last year, I only had it 4 times. If you make your own juice, how long before you start to see results? I am so sick of being on pain meds. Would like to try something that works that is natural.

    • Elizabeth, I just learned about LDN (low-dose naltrexone), which has proved extremely effective on many auto-immune diseases, of which, of course, RA is one. I intend to ask my own rheumatologist about it as it seems to be quite promising. It’s also extremely affordable. Good luck!

  18. Everyone should be careful of taking any supplements if they are on medications prescribed by their doctors. Supplements may conflict with the medications and it could be very serious. Supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other organization, so be very careful. Every person has a different body chemistry and could have a very serious reaction to these non-regulated supplements. Don get me wrong, I love and ake quite a few supplements but I always check with my doctors and pharmacist. One time that I made the mistake of not doing so, because so many friends took this supplement and swore by it. It turned out to be a hallucinogen for some people, including me. I nearly jumped out of a second story window while out of town at a friend’s home. I totally trashed her daugter’s room where I was sleeping, but luckily not able to break the window I was trying so hard to get out of. Please be very careful! Again, many supplements are amazing. Just be sure yo know what you’re doing! Be well!

  19. I read up on betalains today, after watching a Nopalea commercial for the second time. I have renal osteodystrophy (my kidneys failed and my bones were leeched of calcium due to the side effects of kidney failure) and every single bone in my feet has shattered into several pieces. They will never heal, and like having RA, have become deformed. Because of the bones moving when I take steps, I am CONSTANTLY swollen in my feet, ankles and legs. Of course I wanted to learn about a possible cure for the pain and inflammation! I found that you can buy the prickly pear capsules, as mentioned above, eat the vegetables and grains listed above, but you can also buy BEET ROOT capsules, which will give you the same betalains if you can’t bear to eat the afore listed foods. Be cautious with the beet root though, as it can cause problems if you have kidney problems, or if you are pregnant or nursing. (Just do a little research before you try any supplement!)

  20. Glad I found you. Just saw commercial for this and almost ordered it. Won’t do so now. Thanks for looking out for us Henry Hound!

  21. Well, I wish I would have read this before ordering. I just hung up the phone. At this point, I’ll give it a try and if there is no help, I’ll get my money back! I am a severe chronic pain sufferer caused by scar tissue wrapped around my femoral nerve. I also have fibromyalgia and have had back surgery from 2 collapsed vertebrae. When you are in this much pain- you feel like you will try anything! I most likely will go to the store and get the prickly pear capsules! Thanks for the info., just wish I wasn’t so quick to dial!

    • this product is awsomne,and it does wrk for many people,but it takes time,you have nothing to loose w/a 60 day money back guarntee,plus educate yourself about this product.

    • Been a user of Nopalea for 2yrs. For pain from torn rotator cuff and arthiritis,it does work i take 1oz.daily and when i forget or run out pain is awful.Works great of sinus and asthma,energy levels sky rocket im on my 2nd round of p90X and just ordered p90X2 swim and lift weights.My skin is totally wrinkle free ,sleep great not wakeing at night,no sugar cravings..This was all different before Nopalea…It does make a difference no regrets about buying it,a lot of my friends and relatives saw the way I look and feel and they have ordered it. In fact a case usually last 6 months or longer,thats cheaper than prescription drugs with no side effects…..

      • I wonder if this product can be considered a placebo? With all the claims I’m reading on here this sounds sooo familiar to me. A product with similar claims came out years ago called Noni juice. Most of us are familiar with this product and know the history behind this oh so familiar scam. MLM is a scam and so are the claims most of these cure all products boast. Just for the fact that people are claiming it helps so many different ailments is a red flag for me. But the biggest flag is the fact that there is an opportunity behind the product. Money is the fuel for this machine NOT GOOD HEALTH! To claim that an Indian tribe flourished for many years in the desert is a testament to this one cactus plant is a ridiculous statement. Never mind their adaptation and hard work to survive in such harsh conditions, but lets chalk it all up to one cactus plant that saved that whole tribe. “lol” More funny claims and out of this world facts from a bunch of MLM marketers making an abundance of money from ignorant desperate people.

  22. Hi everyone:
    I recently watched the “nopalea” proganda on tv and let me tell you something: This a tipycal example how you can make easy money, and what is worth, taking advantage of people’s suffering and health conditions, let me explian:
    The term “nopalea” comes from the mexican word “nopal” wich is one of the many variations of cactus, this kind of cactus is used to reduced the blood sugar leves(cientifically proven) in people with diabetes type II, you can buy it specially in hispanics stores for about $1.50 to $2.00 a pound; you can also buy the prickly pears wich they are the fruit of this cactus (nopal), 3 for $ 1.50 to $2.00 red or green, besides they really delicious I still haven’t found the anti-inflamatory benefits they supossed to have. My suggestion is: Do some research on this plant, find out the medical benefits and if itworks for you, go ahead.

  23. As far as the 900 grams for the 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons)this is what it is converted, 900 grams = 1.98416036 pounds. So maybe it was the weight of the fruit to liquid. Those that have juiced know how much it can take to get a small amount. I have gout bad and have already ordered some. Juicing can be a pain and mess for extended periods.

    • I also have gout really bad to where I can’t walk. Just the light touch of a sheet or gentle breeze of someone walking past would send me in a frenzy of pain. I just saw the informercial and decided to look it up. Im glad I found this page. I know when I drink the Sam’s Choice Cranberry/Black Cherry juice daily I have not had any major flareups in over a year. Occasionally I have had twinges in my toes so I increase the black cherry by taking a tablespoon 3x a day for a few days of Dark Cherry concentrate. Pretty tart but worth it. The bottle is about 15$ and lasts for months. Or you can buy capsules of black cherry concentrate that work, however I dont feel they work as quickly as the concentrate liquid.

      A good diet and education on what causes our ailments and how to take care of it is a lot better than relying on some informercial telling me they can cure it. I have not had a bad flare up in over a year as long as I do as mentioned. We dont need to spend a fortune to feel better we just need to educate ourselves and use common sense.

      • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for gout, and is available in grocery stores. It ned to be organic and unfiltered….with the “mother” in it. Mix two tablespoons of the OACV in a large glass of water and drink it throughout the day. Along with the OACV one must also eliminate hard liquour and foods that are high in purines, like mushrooms, spinach, shellfish and others, and food high in tannins, like tea and red wine. Beaucoup info on the net about this…..just google it.

  24. Tastes terrible 1 bottle A aday however helped my arthritis takes about a week ,stopped the need for pain killers also took 1 lysine capsule a day ,don’t know if it will work for everyone ,goodluck

  25. Since taking Nopalea, I have been unable to sleep much or sleep well at night. My doctor is into Multi-Level Marketing, and I didn’t know this was one of those products. I’d like to know if anyone else has had trouble sleeping, and I’d to read about more positive effects of this. So far I haven’t seen much here that touts its benefits. I really should have guessed that this was an over-priced product when I saw the beautifully designed and packaged bottle.



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