Is Lipozene Really A Scam? (A Critical Review)

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Oh Boy, oh boy… a magic bullet?

Let’s see… Lipozene… lipo… Do you think there’s supposed to be a subliminal message in this name? Lipozene… liposuction… Quick fix without the fuss or hard work of diet and exercise. EXCELLENT! Bring on the beer and BBQ baby this hound dog is hungry!

Well, just like liposuction isn’t a permanent fix for weight loss, I’m afraid I have some bad news about Lipozene.

The Claims

The Real Deal

Lipozene claims to have done numerous clinical studies proving it’s effectiveness for weight loss Really? Good luck finding them – and guess what? Obesity Research Institute LLC (makers of Lipozene) was fined 1.5 million (ouch) by the FTC for making misleading claims about weight loss.
“Risk Free Trial”… My fur is bristling – grrrrr… Risk-Free Trial offers have recently started being shutdown left and right by the FTC (their good ole’ friends) due to their deceptive nature. If you don’t return the product within 30 days you’re automatically charged up to $80 and sent more Lipozene every month.
“Lipozene creates a dietary fiber sponge that makes you feel full, thus reducing caloric intake and adding fiber to your diet.” Glucomannan (the ingredient), especially in capsule form, can cause obstructions in the digestive tract (not good!)… It’s even been banned in several countries… And the amount of fiber in a day you’d receive from taking Lipozene is a mere fraction of what you should be taking in (25 grams per day of natural fiber)


1.5 MILLION Reasons Lipozene will continue their scam…

Do ya think they needs to recoup some of that cash they lost to the FTC? Hey, the population has spoken. You can find massive posts online from outraged customers who say Lipozene didn’t work AND they continue to be overcharged… with little or no possibility of a refund (sounds like a 100% RISK… not risk free!).

It’s no secret that we all want that magic bullet to be able to eat whatever we want and skip the grueling workout (well, until you realize how great you feel when you eat right and workout!) but again, magic pills are the stuff fairy tales are made of (I guess that would be magic beans, my bad).

How about a REAL solution that’s FREE?

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It’s a 100% free report I’ve put together that shows you the 11 best foods to eat for lower hunger. So you can get over the hunger surges while you try to lose weight. Let’s see… take your chances with the highly questionable company above for something that doesn’t even work (and could be dangerous) OR… try something for free (no credit card, no personal info, nothin!)…

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  1. Wow, NateCrown! For someone who preaches about stupid people and their need of spell check, you might want to reread your own post and use spell check yourself. Only a stupid person would waste their time to write something like that about people he does not know. Thanks for the entertainment.

  2. I get so tired of hearing ” all bodies are different” or ” I have a different __________( fill in blank). People, the bottom line is calorie counting, watching your fat gram in take, reduce sodium ( salt) , and eat protein packed food and whole grains. This isn’t a hidden mystery. It is what works for every single body. Hard work! Devotion to being a healthier person! You don’t get fat over night, why expect and seek a quick weight loss? Get your lazy bottoms up and work out! Ifyou have to start slow, perfect. Slow is better than couch bound, something is better than nothing. Take a 30 min walk after dinner, drink lots of water, cut out soda ( even the diet). Buying a supposed cure-all pill will not work I the long run. Making a lifestyle change. Retrain yourself to be healthy. It may take longer but it will be last.

  3. Thank God for this comment page, as I was about to purchase this product. It seem so convincing on TV, but after reading the comments here I am having second thoughts. Like some of the above people mentioned we are always looking for a miricle cure and alot of us are taken in by these companies. I would love the day that some one would have a pill that would make me invisible I would be filthy rich. Come on guys and gals, I tried all sorts of pills, diets etc. Yeah we are all created differently and our bodies react differently. The internet is a wonderful thing, there is alot of information out there on loosing weight. I found the best thing that worked for me was a proper diet (fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken and plenty of water) and for God sake stay away from products that contain sugar,read the labels, sugar makes you fat.The most important thing is to excercise,we all have time in our day for at least 30min. of some sort of excercise activity. Thats it folks diet and excercise in a nutshell, its been around for years. Save your money,don’t be taken in by these companies. If it was that simple they would of had a cure by now for all types of cancer,then where would these companies be.BROKE

  4. for all of you saying, you took the pill for weeks and nothing happened….i hope you are dieting and excersising as well. You cannot excpect to lose weight from simply taking the pill. It’s NOT a magic pill. You MUST diet and excersise to lose weight no matter what you’re taking. This pill is to make you feel fuller, to help in your losing weight. Come on people…use your brains! I’ve been taking this pill along with diet and excersise for 5 months now and I’ve lost a good bit of weight. Before when I wasn’t taking the pill, I had trouble getting the weight off. This pill works for me and I’m sure it will work for anyone as long as you use your common sense and diet and excersise as well.

    • dont need a pill if diet and exercise does it. shouldnt advertise that you dont need either. some dont have the time etc.

  5. I have used lipozene in the pass…. And I did lose weight…… Thene after afew years later I try using the product cuz I gaing weight and it didn’t work aneymore…… Whats wrong with that?

  6. The thing everyone needs to understand is that once you are overweight, your stomach has actually grown to accommodate the excess food you’ve been putting into it. It doesn’t matter whether you take a “magic pill” or not, you are going to be uncomfortable and think you’re starving until your stomach shrinks back down to a proper size. You simply have to endure this for your health’s sake and for the emotional and financial sake of your family.

    I have had an eating disorder for as long as I can remember, and this is what I have learned. There really are foods that help you to lose weight and foods that help you to gain weight. Studying what foods do for (and against) you is key. Study the food pyramid (or Obama’s “plate”). They have gone to effort to make it a valid resource. I know of many people who have lost tons of weight just eating according to the food pyramid and exercising.

    Now exercise, that’s the other key ingredient. People were not designed to be stagnant. We wouldn’t have arms and legs if we were. You must move. Exercise is vital to good health. No exercise equals no quality of life and a decreased lifespan. There are differently abled people who have more trouble in this area than others, but even they must do what exercise they can…even if it’s just head rolls, etc. The blood has to pump. The muscles physically capable of movement must move.

    You will never lose weight without a proper, healthy, well-rounded diet and exercise, every day. If a pill that doesn’t harm you causes you to believe you are better able to do this, then great, but what loses the weight is the proper diet and exercise.

  7. I was ordering the lipozene, when I decided to google and found this site. I told the lady on the phone, I changed my mind. She asked why and I said I needed to ask my wife first. I hope they don’t still send it and charge me, even after I told the service rep that I changed my mind. Thanks for all the comments. Take care, Rob

  8. So a few months ago I put on couple of pounds. I decided to go on a diet and include a dietary supplement. I had been taking lipozene and noticed my weight wasn’t moving. So I stopped. Got on the scale a week later 2 pounds down. I was like wtf. So I just took them again to see if they really weren’t working. Gained 4 pounds. So now I’m doing it the natural way and losing weight. I have used other products before and they always helped. Yeah lipozene is a Fraud. Do not buy it!

  9. These pills are obviously fraud. Wake up people! There is a difference between marketing and science. The difference is usually education.
    Stop being morons and buying into these fraudulent scams. After all these people only cheat you out of your money and metabolic health because you are drinking the kool-aid and sending them money for it.
    Her’e an idea… if you want to lose weight… and you’re reading this right now… get of the damn computer and go for a walk.

    P.S. Diet is 80% of weight loss so watch what you eat. There are TONS of resources for how to eat healthy in order to lose weight… and you will NEVER see these resources during commercials or internet advertisement banners. Wake up!

  10. I have had the same experience with Lipozene that some of you have had. I took one bottle and gained weight even though I stuck to a 1500 calorie a day diet.Now I have received 2 more bottles and cannot get a refund because its the second shipment.When I ordered the first shipments I told them I didn’t want any more shipments, the girl told me I did this order on line so that gave them permission to take money each month.I canceled all shipments with a confirmation number and stopped the payment withdrawal from my bank.Alot of trouble for a worthless product.I hope everyone reads up on this before ordering, always be sure to check up on a product first and beware of ordering online.

  11. Bought the pill and it is working, but I’m keeping with the diet and exercise. Plus I bought the pill at Walmart and saved $20.

  12. LIPOZENE IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried the product without any results. Sent empty containers back in, as instructed, on February 2, 2012 and as of today, April 3, 2012 they claim they have not received my return. Stupid me did not certify the return so I have no proof, other than if the product had worked, I’d still be ordering it. This was a lesson that cost me $31.30 but it was one well learned.

    Thanks to Lipozene, I’ll never trust this online guarantees anymore. I hope the makers and the people sell this product can sleep at night knowing their only in it to rip people off….

  13. My sister recently passed away at the early age of 50. She died of a sudden heart attack. She was healthy so this was so unexpected. I discovered empty bottles of this lipozene product in her home,car, and bathroom where she died. I was able to determine that she had been taken this product for about 2 months. The night before she was out for drinks which im sure didnt help since the products recommends you stay hydrated when taken it. Regardless, her death was ruled of natural causes but I think otherwise. I’ve spoken with an attorney and his reply was that there are no reports on the product so he was not interested in taking the case. Im seeking an attorney with some balls that will go after these people who are putting this dangerous product on the shelves. all the warnings point to possible heart attack and just fall short of saying so. I can prove she was purchasing it, and consuming it. She didnt deserve to leave this earth because she made a poor decision, to try a fast fix, to lose weight.

      • Are you guys sure you are drinking enough water? I have heart arrhythmia’s and water/electrolyte is crucial for your heart. If I have one drink of alcohol I can have an arrhythmia attack and arrhythmia can be a silent killer in anyone not knowing they have them. Taking any kind of fiber you will need to boost your water and mineral/electrolyte intake and absolutely no water pills!

  14. Lipozene like any other weight supplements, does work but just because u buy the supplements at a high price that doesnt mean that ur weight will magically disappear.. U have to know how to use these supplements by limiting ur eating habbits and exercising twice as hard… I also buy my supplements at my local walgreens

  15. I ordered Lipozene then searched the internet for reviews. I didnt like what I read so I sent it back without opening it. They claim that they never recieved it and refused to refund my money. They are a scam.

  16. LIPOZENE IS A SCAM!!!! If one has to limit their eating habbits and exercise twice as hard, DUH, you don’t need the daggone pills! Besides, the commerical boasts about how the people in their studies were asked NOT to change their eating habits nor exercise. Like another responder here, I started taking it and was even hungrier! I’d take the recommended amount with loads of water. I found myself grabbing candy (licorice,etc) from vending machines which I normally would not ever be interested in consuming! It made me think: “hmm, I’m not dropping an ounce of weight so…what the hell are these pills actually doing while they’re inside my body?” Yep, I knew it’d be hard to return them & get a refund…I simply tossed the other 2-1/2 bottles, sigh.-An ACTUAL Consumer-

  17. Long ago, there used to be a product called the ECA Stack. Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin. Of ALL the gimmicks out there, it was the ONLY one that worked. Of course, ephedra was banned in diet pills because a few idiots overdosed on them. None of the pills out there are effective except to lighten your wallet.

    The ECA stack not only boosted my metabolism but, I had the energy to exercise more vigorously and for longer periods. Supposedly, you can reformulate the ECA Stack with separate ingredients. The proportions and dosages are very important. Just can’t throw them together without measuring. I’m sure somebody has done that and posted it on the internet.

  18. Dear All

    Thank you for being honest and taking the time to report your findings. I too were about to order from the tv and checked this site out. This business needs closing down and everyone given a refund +.

    • Thanks for all of the comments. I was just getting ready to order the product. I agree with the person below that some people cannot exercise because they can’t or do not have the time. I had a back injury a year and a half ago, and really put on the weight because I was not moving around much. Flash forward, I had a spinal infection and was in no condition (not able) to go to they gym. I’ve packed on 40 pounds from lack of movement and exercise. I have always been at the same weight so I am not sure how I gained this so quickly. I eat healthy, etc. It all went to my stomach, so when I saw this commercial, I though what the hell and went on line to buy it. These comments kept me from purchasing it. THANKS!

      • Wow had no idea about the lipozene till I read these messages.I got the lipozone and I find it is not working at all and it makes me hungry more then ever.I sure hope that I will get my money back cause I can,t afford to be paying for something that doesn,t work at all and I do beleive it is a scam.

      • you can also purchase this product at walmart over the counter its 20$ for 2 bottles if you really want to try this product!!! im also glad i didnt purchase this product online because of the scams!!! i bought some today and took it 30 mins before dinner and am going for a 1 mile run in about 1 hour so i guess we shall see!!! hope it works!!!

  19. Ok! I just received my order of Lipozene. I wish I researched it before I brought the product. I didn’t sign up for auto-ship, but the question is: Will they still try to sent me bottles and take it out of my account? I’ll try the product, but I’m surely going to try it with diet and exercise.

    • Be careful…. I didn’t remember signing up for the auto-ship but yet I just got an e-mail notifying me of my auto-ship for today. I called them and they cancelled my auto-ship but could not refund my money. they can only refund within the first 30 days. I am furious. I am now stuck with 2 bottles that hasn’t been shipped yet but was charged on my credit card today.

  20. I recently ordered the product and at the same time informed customer service that I didn’t want to be placed on their auto-ship program. When I received the product, I called them again to make sure I wasn’t on the auto-ship mailing list and I wasn’t. I’m gonna give the product a try, simply because I’m trying to lose belly fat and thus far have been unsuccessful. I’ve lost 34 lbs since first of March 2012 by dieting and exercise, but like I said, I really want to lose in my stomach area. I do, however, wish I had come across this site before I ordered Lipozene. Most likely I will be returning it if I don’t see results in 2-3 few weeks.

  21. Thank you for posting this review. I have been on a weight loss regimen for six weeks. I lost 18 pounds so far with proper diet and exercise. My husband’s best friend told me i should add lipozene to my daily routine. Im glad i read this before wasting my money on something that is not only completely useless, but will set me back.

  22. I have seen these commercials on T.V. most of these T.V. commercials for products will auto ship to you, and if you check them out, you will find similar sites to this, and they all follow the same formula of Charging your Credit Card before shipping, and telling customers they never received returned product or a Cancellation on the order.

    It is a very Common Practice, essentialy they figure (and they are probably right) Most people wont make a big deal out of $20-$30 and wont chase them down for the refund. This is a WAKE UP


    Listen to their commercials carefully, they say their product is proven to lose weight for people (there is no Proof)

    Of the people who have lost weight with Lipozene (no figure on how many have lost weight who have taken it, then they go on to say) 78% have lost pure body fat weight…. HA HA HA… so another words… if 2% lost weight…. then of that 2% , 78% of them lost fat weight… ha ha ha… what a joke, so they give numbers on something that means absolutely NOTHING, but makes the people watching think ,,, ah wow.. 78% lost weight… this is called double talk , and is meaningless dribble.

  23. the ingredient in lipozene is the same thing in Shirataki noodles you can get at the asian market. It’s basically a fiber with little calories or flavor, that fills you up, but you don’t have to pay big money for lipozene, get the noodles!


  25. I bought the product this morning at cvs for 9.99 I wish I saw this site first i just wanted an extra boost. I have been watching my eating habits plus exercising regular for the past two weeks. Now I know why it was 9.99

  26. I ordered this about two years ago and returned it and i got a full refund and my card was never charged again. Recently my husband purchased this at Rite Aid and he has lost weight but keep in mind that he watches what he eats also and works out.

  27. guys don’t be lazy.. go to the gym 15-20min 3/4 days out the week. I use to weigh 216 @ 5’8 & that wasnt cute at all.. I’m now 162, Grab your spouse, friend or a relative & take your butt to the gym!!!

  28. I wish I would have done more research about Lipozene. I was looking for a product to help lose the belly. I have been taking the product for 2 weeks and haven’t see any results. I am frustrated. Thanks for posting these comments.


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