Fat Loss Factor – Does it work?

Note: Since finding a good weight loss course is so rare, this investigation is longer than the others because I had to include proof of everything I found. Henry’s Rating: 5.0 / 5.0  It’s not every day that you find a weight loss program that actually works. But ol’e Henry here is pretty good at research so… Continue..

Hound Review of Jillian Michaels’ Body Revolution

  Henry’s rating 4.5 out of 5   It’s hard to follow the fitness field and not be familiar with Jillian Michaels. Ms. Michaels is probably one of the most inspiring people in “The Biz” you are likely to come across– next to The Hound of course, and I have to admit that she looks… Continue..

The Hound Review of the Beyond Diet Plan

 Henry’s rating 5 out of 5   A giant squid, a politician admitting they made a mistake, or a celebrity who actually uses something they endorse. All things you do not see too often. You know something else you do not see too often? Henry giving his Five out of Five rating to a new… Continue..

Ageless Male: Can you truly be ageless?

Ageless Male is a supplement on the market now that is directed at, obviously, men. Typically we do not think of men as the group that worries about aging, but sales show that this is not the case at all. In fact, it seems we males think about aging, and how we can fight it,… Continue..

Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss

Henry’s rating 4.9 out of 5 Diets come and go, as do diet books. One that caught the Hound’s eye toward the close of last year was The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss, by Stan Spencer, PhD. As it begins its climb up the bestseller list, it looks to be one of the… Continue..

The Health Hound Dives Under the Sea to Review Marine d3

Henry’s rating 4.3 out of 5   For centuries people have been looking for the “Fountain of Youth.” But maybe they were all looking in the wrong direction. Instead of looking for waters shooting to the surface, they should have been looking to the deepest bottom of the oceans! At least that is what the… Continue..

Who Says Diet Pills Don’t Work?… My Review of RealDose Formula No. 1 Weight Loss Supplements From RealDose Nutrition

Henry‘s Rating: 4.8/ 5.0   I’ve always thought that diet pills are a complete waste of time. Not only because the bad experiences my pack members have sent in… but also my OWN experiences. I’ve never tried one that works without speeding me up in an uncomfortable way. And even worse… I’ve taken pills that… Continue..

BioTrust IC-5

Henry’s rating 5 out of 5 If you are a regular reader of the Hound, then you know if there is one thing I hate more than cats – it’s Carbs! You have heard me go on and on about how carbs are the waistline’s biggest enemy. So when I heard that there was a… Continue..

The Health Hound Reviews Bio Trust Low Carb Protein Powder

Henry’s rating 5 out of 5 You already know how excited I am about a new supplement company with a name you can literally trust – as in Bio Trust. The recently launched company has been founded by my dear friends and fellow health advocates, Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion. Regular readers of the Hound… Continue..

Preliminary Review of BioTrust: The Brand New High-Quality Supplement Company…

I’m sure most of my readers are aware of how scam-filled the supplement market is. Day after day I get feedback from people with horror stories about scammy supplements that don’t work and cause nothing but problems. But Ol’e Henry here has been informed of a brand new company that puts almost all other supplement… Continue..

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