Can You Regulate Blood Sugar Naturally?

blood sugar
  Diabetes has run rampant in our society today. The link between that and the obesity epidemic cannot be understated. The two go hand-in-hand just like burgers and fries! But there is another part of the diabetes epidemic that The Hound finds particularly distressing. Among many people that have acquired the disease because of their… Continue..

3 Quick Steps To Burn More Fat with Less Cardio

burn more with less cardio
 I can’t help but smile when I have clients come in for their first consultation with me and they tell me their cardio story. It’s the same thing every time: run, run, run, like a gerbil on a wheel, going nowhere and still not seeing the weight loss results they were hoping for. They have… Continue..

Health and Fitness Versus Fat Loss

Fat Lossfail
Neuro Metabolic Fat Loss & Fitness Expert Health and fitness workouts are vastly different from fat loss workouts. A fat loss workout requires alternating intensities, extremely high heart rates, and maximal exertion for best results. Health and fitness workouts, on the other hand, require increased endurance, decreased rest periods, and increased reliance on Continue..

How “Healthy” Foods Could Be Making You Fat

  You had a chicken Caesar salad (hold the croutons) with mineral water for lunch. An hour later, swamped at your office, you’re gassy and bloated. You feel like you’re going to bust out of your jeans, and you’re certain that hot new assistant is starring at your muffin top while he faxes at the… Continue..

How to Eat Fat to Lose Weight

good fats
Believe it or not, you can incorporate fat into your diet – as long as it is the right kind of fat. There are several types of fat available to you and it is so important that you learn how and why bad fats are bad and good fats are good. Saturated Fats – Good… Continue..

Use the Power of Simplicity to Heal

By Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D. When you suffer from illness and pain, one of the biggest challenges is just sorting through an increasingly complex system of medical therapies and alternative practices to find the relief and healing you seek. But healing needn’t be difficult. In truth, says Spring Forest Qigong master Chunyi Lin, the most… Continue..

The Truth about Fruit and Vegetable Cleansing

fruit and veg cleanse
I get a lot of questions about cleansing and so do a lot of the trainers and bodybuilders that I know and work with. Cleansing is a big topic these days, with everyone looking for ways to reach optimal health and lose weight. Too often, people are looking for the fastest way to do these… Continue..

Health Fitness – Exercises Meant to Improve Your Health

  Health and fitness results are difficult to achieve if you don’t have a targeted as specific plan from the start. A properly guided exercise program involves goal setting, correct methodology, and a large variety of exercises from which to choose. Below, you will find guidelines to help you in each one of the above… Continue..

The Incredible Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider
Apple cider vinegar is one of those extremely simple products that have a complex and powerful impact on our diets and on our health. I love these types of very basic products because they’re natural, they’re inexpensive and they’re readily available to anyone, which isn’t always true of a lot of other products that are… Continue..

Sugar Cravings? 4 Steps to overcome Sugar Cravings

sugar cravings
We’ve all suffered through it: that mid-afternoon urge for a candy bar, or the blues that make us reach for a cupcake or brownie. Those strong sugar cravings that pack the power of all the Avengers rolled into one moment of weakness. We’ve known for a while that sugar is a dieter’s worst nightmare, but… Continue..

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