3 Quick Steps To Burn More Fat with Less Cardio

burn more with less cardio
 I can’t help but smile when I have clients come in for their first consultation with me and they tell me their cardio story. It’s the same thing every time: run, run, run, like a gerbil on a wheel, going nowhere and still not seeing the weight loss results they were hoping for. They have… Continue..

How to Eat Fat to Lose Weight

good fats
Believe it or not, you can incorporate fat into your diet – as long as it is the right kind of fat. There are several types of fat available to you and it is so important that you learn how and why bad fats are bad and good fats are good. Saturated Fats – Good… Continue..

Sugar Cravings? 4 Steps to overcome Sugar Cravings

sugar cravings
We’ve all suffered through it: that mid-afternoon urge for a candy bar, or the blues that make us reach for a cupcake or brownie. Those strong sugar cravings that pack the power of all the Avengers rolled into one moment of weakness. We’ve known for a while that sugar is a dieter’s worst nightmare, but… Continue..

A Goodie Bag That’s Not So Good

not so good
My Favorite Healthier Substitutions for Common “Health” Foods If you’ve been following along with some of my most recent posts you know that just last Tuesday (one week ago) I got gum graft surgery. If you’ve never heard of it that’s probably a good thing as it’s not something I wish on anyone. Gum graft surgery is… Continue..

Does Coconut Oil Help with Fat Loss?

I am sure that you have all heard about the benefits of cooking with and consuming olive oil, but have you been exposed to the amazing health benefits of coconut oil? Many countries, especially those in Asia and the Pacific Islands, consider the coconut as “The Tree of Life” due to its extensive history as both… Continue..

Cauliflower “no-mac”-n cheese

Cauliflower no-mac-n cheese
Cauliflower "no-mac"-n cheese   Author: Isabel de los Rios Prep time:  10 mins Cook time:  30 mins Total time:  40 mins Print Great alternative to mac-n-cheese! My kiddos LOVE it! My daughter helped make the cheese sauce and was her favorite part :) This is a great meatless dish by itself or as a side dish… Continue..