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Hi, I’m Henry the Health Hound. My job as the internet’s official Health Watchdog is to review the companies and business practices behind health products sold online and tell you whether they’re bogus or not. Plain and simple.

I first came to life in 2009 on a crusade to rid the internet of it’s worst scammers – the ones who take advantage of people who are suffering from a health condition. My job is to review these companies to determine whether or not they’re a scam, guilty of deceptive marketing practices or demonstrate poor business performance and ethics.

And I also give my two cents on product effectiveness!

When I investigate an online health product, I ask myself the following questions:

checkmark Is the product or company an obvious scam?

checkmark Is the company guilty of deceptive marketing?

checkmark Does the health product live up to it’s claims?

checkmark Does the product have any dangerous side effects?

checkmark What does the Better Business Bureau say about the company?

checkmark What are people saying about the product or company on blogs and forums?

checkmark Does the company sell any other “questionable” products?

After my research is complete, I then grade this information to determine whether or not the product and company behind it is worthy of the Health Hound Seal of Approval. This is my personal guarantee and promise that protects you from bogus and potentially dangerous health products online.


About The Health Hound Promise…

Any product I recommend automatically comes with my Health Hound Promise.

The Health Hound Promise is my special double-layered guarantee – which I’ve created to help repair the severe damage that scammers have done to the trustworthiness of health educators.


The first layer:
Any product I recommend through my email newsletter OR my blog has been verified to have…

1) A money-back guarantee this IS honored.
2) Good support from the company.
3) Health or weight loss tips and techniques that WORK.


Important note: The second layer is only valid when your problems CAN’T be solved by the original company.

In other words: You must use up all available support options from the company whose product you bought FIRST.

And since I only recommend products from companies with awesome support, I almost never see someone reach the second layer.

The second layer:
If you get a course I recommend – and develop problems – I’ll personally help you solve those problems.

If your problems can’t be solved (rare), I’ll walk you through

getting a refund from the company. And if that doesn’t work (super rare), I’ll refund your money out of my OWN pocket.

You have protection at EVERY level with this guarantee – the kind of protection that only a loyal hound can provide.


And just so you know and there is no misunderstanding, I do find products that pass my test every once in a while – those are the ones with the Five Stars! I do get a paid a commission on these products to support my bone habit (actually so I can continue work on this site).

It does not affect my judgment because I was not an affiliate for any product when this started, when I find a good product – I then sign up to be an affiliate. There is no way I can prove that to you, but I think if you read really carefully and look at the comments that it is clear that I am on your side.


  1. Do you have a Ph. No. to call to order the book instead of online ordering?
    That’s an option I would appreciate knowing about as I do not order
    online with my credit card and I do need to try your product!

  2. Just saw a TV program featuring Kevin Trudeau in which he made several claims that illnesses can be cured through natural supplements without the use of manufactured drugs. True or false.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    James R. Kowich

  3. Dear Henry: I would like to know what is you evaluation of the Hairmax LaserComb.
    Thank You in Advance, Greg

  4. What can you tell me about the health benefits of the Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma) supplements. Specifically the products of OrganoGold?

  5. just found your web sit think it is awsom. would like to know what you think of herbial llife diet plan is it ok dose it work.

  6. Hi, enjoy your site, but would like to know more about YOU. The cute “about me” doesn’t really tell us who you are, what your credentials are, and what authority you have. Enjoy the site, but want to know more real info about you.

    • Sorry Arlene, I am just a hound… The big companies I review are heavy handed. You can double check everything I write to see that it is true.

  7. Hi Mr. Hound,

    Got a bone for ya. I know exercise, rest and plenty of water is a great start to beautiful skin, I saw recently an ad on tv about a cream that gets rid of dark circles around the eyes. I’ve had dark circles all my life. I know It’s genetic because my mom had them and some of my siblings do too. Do you know of any eye creams that really work to combat this problem and won’t cost a “life’s fortune” to use to get good results.

  8. Have you ever checked out Melalucia? Please let me know I would like to know more about it, so I am collecting all veiws I can to make an informative desision.

    Thank you

    • Hey Anna,
      I have not but I’ll add it to my list. It’s quite a list right now, but I am working on it! Thanks for helping out!

  9. Hi…just wondering about the cost of all of this. I am now disabled and on a limited budget, DESPERATELY needing to lose over 145 pounds from the last several years of being more and more unable to walk. Right now I am on canes, and hoping to avoid the possiblity of those becoming a wheelchair. My sciatic is messed up really bad and totally prevents my doing much walking or standing, carrying of anything because I can’t walk without the canes. I have gained this weight because of being unable to exercise and I am totally unhappy with how my life is progressing. I HAVE tried some other diets etc….all to, obviously, no avail….I can’t afford to stay this way any longer, but I also can’t afford any more bogus diet plans….Is this really somethig that isn’t just designed to spend money I haven’t got, or is it possible to be successful using it??? Thank you so much for your time and help…

  10. I would just like to make a suggestion in regards to a recent endorsement that you made for the 7 Day Belly Blast Plan. While I agree there is a plethora of great information backed by good research included with the program, I think it is important to mention to your subscribers that in order to follow the program completely as it is designed, there are meal replacement shakes and other supplements required. These are of course sold and distributed by the company. In their defense they do give you options of creating your own shakes and offer suggestions of other supplements that you can find in health food stores. However, had I been aware that a large portion of the plan included what I consider to be “non-food” items, I would not have purchased it. Thank you for all that you do as I always find the information very helpful!

  11. Henry, just have a quick question. Do you test all of these products on yourself, do research, test with other people, all of the above, or what?

  12. I know that there is no miracle weight lose in a bottle without proper diet and exercise. What supplements do you recommend that will help the diet and exercise weight lose program have quicker results?


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